Reddit Users Are Obsessed With Deciem. What Is It?

Deciem Skin Care

A few months ago Brandon wrote about Reddit users being obsessed with Shark Serum. Now there is a new obsession. It is called Deciem. What exactly is it? If you follow the sub-Reddit SkincareAddiction you will obviously know what I’m talking about. But only geeks like me trying to find the latest trend even knows this exists. Deciem is based in Toronto and was started by an entrepreneur named Brandon Truaxe.

The actual name Deciem comes from the word ten in Latin. Truaxe came up with this name because everybody always told him not to do 10 things at once.

Deciem Skin Care

Is Deciem The Next Hot Skin Care Brand?

The brands include skin care, hair care, men’s skin care line and supplements. Coincidentally they add up to ten different brands. That wasn’t planned. Truaxe started Deciem while he was working with Indeed Labs – a company he left in 2012. He then launched anti aging company Hand Chemistry and an oral supplement brand called fountain. Hand Chemistry became a best seller at Boots, the massive UK drugstore chain.

This is because people were using the Hand Chemistry products on their faces and that circumvented his two year non compete deal with Indeed Labs that otherwise prevented Truaxe from competing in the anti aging facial category.

Truaxe makes it a purpose not to hire people from the beauty industry. He calls the industry a scam. He is an interesting character to say the least. Deciem sells all of its products on its website and at select retailers all over the world along with three actual retail stores in Toronto. The company has plans to open in Australia in Melbourne and Sydney and in Seoul, South Korea along with in the UK and United States.

The recent product called Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension costs only $5.80 and sold out quickly. It was very popular online because of its high concentration of vitamin c for such a low price. This is like our Reader’s Choice award winner from Delfogo Rx.

Reddit Users Are Obsessed With Deciem. What Is It?
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