Reddit Skin Care Secrets

I’m not sure if you’re anĀ avid Internet user or not, but there’s a forum called Reddit that lots of people use. Over the years, this forum has developed into what many might consider the biggest advice forum on the web. However, it does come with lots of flaws. For starters, there are lots of people using Reddit that basically “troll” the site, leaving comments that provide zero to no value. The good news is that moderators of the site spend countless hours and thousands of dollars just to keep the site alive and well with as few trolls as possible. Now, that being said, there are some good things to be said about this site when it comes to skin care.

There is actually quite a bit of talk in the “Skin Care Addict” forum section and the users aren’t shy about mentioning products that they like. Many of the users tend to be more interested in the all-natural products versus others available today. When they find something they like or a secret treatment, they waste zero time and share it as quickly as possible. The good news for you is that I’m sparing you the pain of digging through all the Reddit secrets today. Instead, I’ll be sharing some of the most popular skin secrets of the infamous Reddit website.

Reddit Skin Secrets

Reddit’s Skin Care Secrets You Must Know About

Like I said, the site users absolutely love talking about skin care as they provide product suggestions, ingredient information and lots of other stuff. All of the products that they share are typically tested by the users before they get suggested and upvoted. Today I’m going to share more than a half dozen skin secrets that have Reddit users heading to the beauty shop faster than you can imagine.

Using Tea Tree Oil In A Facial Spray

As you know, tea tree oil is a super strong product. It’s one that many people must dilute before attempting to use on their skin. There’s a Reddit user that goes by the name of next to normal and they suggest making your own facial spray with it. The spray consists of witch hazel and tea tree oil diluted in a simple spray bottle. This mixture is said to do wonders for your pimples and leave you smelling simply delicious.

Tea Bag Secret

So many of us constantly fight off puffy eyes. It’s one of those problematic areas that exist and we’ve just got to deal with it. Well, many Reddit users are standing by the tea bag treatment today. They suggest that using tea bags on your eyes can definitely help reduce the puffiness.

Some of the users have been helpful enough to share specific instructions on what to do here. I’ll just do my best to summarize what they’ve said. Basically, you’ll have to make a cup of green tea or black tea and make sure it contains caffeine. After steeping the bag and letting it cool, hold it under your eye. The swelling and redness should come way down!

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Rosehip Oil At Night

There are some Reddit users that like to use rosehip oil. They add this to their moisturizer at night. I’ll be completely honest with you and let you know that I’ve never personally tried this, but it’s supposed to work well I guess. If you’re sporting dark spots, then this may help fade those spots. You should already be using a night cream or moisturizer, so you might as well add some rosehip oil to the equation and see how that works out.

Manuka Honey To The Rescue

If you’re battling acne issues, then you’ll want to pay close attention here. I’ve personally written an article on Manuka honey and what it does for your skin. It’s not any plain jane type of honey. It actually contains lots of antimicrobial properties due to the hydrogen peroxide that it contains. If you’re looking for something to fight off your acne, then this is just the thing for you. Reddit users swear by this ingredient and most choose to bypass any type of premade product containing the ingredient. Instead, they go straight for the good stuff and create their own face mask.

Castor Oil Face Wash

Some people can’t stand the thought of using oil to clean their face. Castor oil is a natural oil that can work wonders when it comes to breaking up the sebum that builds up deep in your pores. If you’re a pimple prone person, then I suggest using this on your face. Go ahead and use it as a face cleansing product like many Reddit users. You’ve got to at least give it a shot.

Night Face Washing (Only)

This skin secret actually makes a lot of sense even though I didn’t really ever think of it. Many Reddit users swear that washing their face once per day at night is all that it takes. Some users claim that too much cleanser can damage your skin and cause more breakouts than you can imagine. Instead, the trick is to only rinse with water in the morning and wash deeply in the evening.

Sweet Almond Oil Face Massage

There has also been some talk back and forth by many Reddit users on the topic of sweet almond oil. Some users have been applying this oil to their skin in order to moisturize their skin better. They’re also using it to remove eye makeup. I’ve never tried this but apparently, it works like a charm. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Well, if the Internet gurus know anything about skin care, then they’ve shared it all right here. While I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Reddit, I am a fan of free skin care tips and when given, I typically listen!

Reddit Skin Care Secrets
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