Reddit Is Obsessed With A Particular Serum These Days


There’s one skin care serum that Reddit is literally obsessed with and they can’t seem to keep their mind off the stuff. Consumers are chirping about it, Reddit users are constantly posting about it and it’s nothing that you’d every expect. However, this $30 serum is taking the world by storm and has grown into a thriving business all thanks to its creator – Chel Cortes.

Chel Cortes' SHark Sauce Serum
Shark Sauce

Reddit Loves Chel Cortes And Her Skin Serum

First, Chel Cortes started making her own furniture. Then she started making cloth diapers for her baby. Now she’s making a DIY skin serum that Redditors can’t seem to stop talking about. Chel Cortes is one of those super self-devoted, self-creators that people make faces about when they hear what she’s done. They just get pissed because they can’t do what she’s accomplished.

Chel Cortes was toying with the idea to create simple products that were strong and well-formulated that cold provide the results that people wanted. She’s an Asian skin care blogger that wanted to do something different and decided to run with her idea.

She came up with the idea to create a simple serum which was made of niacinamide (5%) which is actually just vitamin B3. There was plenty of evidence that the formula at that percentage worked but no one did it. So she jumped on it. She created a product called Shark Sauce which consisted of niacinamide, licorice root, and sea kelp bio ferment. She started sharing it on Reddit as well as other Asian beauty forums and it became a huge it. The product sold out in seconds and the company can’t keep in stock all thanks to Reddit and the power it’s users punch.

She’s since moved on and has introduced a number of other skin care products. These all have insanely simple packaging but apparently no one cares what packaging looks like. All they care about is results because her products work (according to the Reddit community and other users).

If you have an idea, feel free to run it by me. I have the finances and the knowledge to help you get your product off the ground. After all, this is what we do here at

Reddit Is Obsessed With A Particular Serum These Days
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