Red Blotches On Skin

Have you ever noticed that red blotches form on your skin? Well, you are not the only person that this happens to today. We all generally strive to reach perfection when it comes to our skin. Unfortunately, it can’t be that way 100% of the time. On more than one occasion, you may end up having red blotches on your skin, itchy patches, or even strange discoloration that you feel is unexplainable.

It’s extremely common for this type of thing to happen and it happens to some people on a daily basis. I find it rather strange that redness can appear out of the blue and then a few hours later be completely gone. Sometimes, we haven’t got the slightest idea as to how this happens.

I’m going to try and help you better understand why they form, how they form, and what you can do to prevent them from forming in the future.

Red blotches on skinWhat Are Red Blotches On Skin From?

This is a rather loaded question, to be honest. These blotches can represent just about anything you can think of and most commonly they tend to appear on your skin in certain places that have been exposed to sunlight or UV rays. Red patches or blotches commonly form on your face and arms because they are typically exposed to sunlight on a daily basis.

We can attribute this to many other environmental factors that exist as well
other factors. I’ll try and shed some more light on the causes below.

Various Medical Causes

Since medical causes and conditions are likely what you’re thinking are the reason you have blotches, I’ll cover that area first. One of the most common medical conditions that cause red blotches to form on your skin is something called purpura. This type of medical condition can cause red or even slightly purple patches to form on your skin. Purpura can happen due to weak blood vessels and it commonly occurs on various parts of your body. For example, it isn’t uncommon to see this happen on your legs and even your face. Purpura is specifically caused by a disease called rubella. It’s also common in people that take medications which impact their blood flow and circulation.

Various Non-Medical Causes

There is some good news regarding non-medical causes of red blotches forming on skin and that is, they are more annoying than anything. Great news for anyone that thought they were in danger. When attempting to determine non-medical causes you need to be familiar with your environment. In fact, I’d recommend that you be as familiar as possible with your surroundings and anything that essentially comes in contact with your skin. Be aware of the products that you apply to your skin and how your skin reacts.

Want to know the most common cause of all? Red blotches form from dermatitis. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s a condition where your skin basically becomes extremely irritated. The condition is rather common in people that use strong soaps and detergents. There are some people that can’t use certain dish soaps or laundry detergents due to the issues that result from doing so. Some people get dermatitis from extreme weather and dust.

There’s also something called contact dermatitis which can occur when you come in physical contact with a material that causes a reaction to occur. Some people get this when they wear inexpensive or fake jewelry. If you have sensitive skin, then I would advise against doing anything of that nature.

Treating Red Blotches on Skin

When you see a red blotch on your skin, the first thing that comes to mind is to begin scratching it like crazy. I’m here to tell you that you definitely don’t want to do that. In fact, doing so can lead to further damaging your skin. In the event that you have contact dermatitis, you want to start by applying a cold compress or cloth to the area. Don’t be afraid to apply some hydrocortisone cream if you have any itching.

In the event that your condition is medical related or if it pertains specifically to another condition like purpura and rosacea, then you might need to seek further medical help. Some people attempt to get laser treatment to help improve the condition. I personally don’t know anyone that’s done that but you can look for a local doctor should you be inclined to do so.

What I’d suggest is that you try and avoid getting red blotches on your skin in the first place. Use soap that doesn’t contain any dyes and only wash your body with warm water. Hot showers are very bad for your skin and will only make your condition worse. Avoid makeup at all times and do not apply any creams that might seem thick enough to clog your pores.

Seek Professional Help

When all else fails and if your condition gets really bad, I want you to seek professional help as quickly as possible. Should you choose to avoid seeking medical attention and your condition get worse, then you’re only making life more difficult for yourself.

Red Blotches On Skin
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