Reasons You’re Probably Sporting Blotchy Skin


Having blotchy skin is no fun. It looks pretty awful and chances are you’re not perfect. Well, your skin isn’t perfect at least. Unless you’ve been blessed with impeccable genes then you’ve likely got skin problems of some sort. That may mean blotchy skin.

If you’re the type that has skin that’s more on the fair side, then I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ve had episodes where you’ve had to deal with inflamed, super red, and even blotchy skin. Although blotchy skin typically develops at a young age, there are quite a few things that you can do to clear up the situation and prevent it from occurring.

Assuming you’re dealing with problems of this type then you need to know how to nip it in the bud and fix things once and for all. Don’t worry, it’s not hard but it does require some effort.

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Why You’ve Got Blotchy Skin And How To Fix It

If you’re in a constant battle with your skin, then something is seriously wrong. More than likely, it has a lot to do with the way that you treat your body. Which is why I’m going to start right there. Don’t get pissed, I’m just telling it like it is and if you want to fix your skin, then you’ll listen.

Rule #1: Stop Smoking

If you want to get rid of that blotchy skin of yours, then you need to stop smoking, right now! When you smoke, you deprive your body of oxygen. This can have quite the effect on your skin causing broken capillaries to occur on your skin.

These issues occur more so if you’re already sporting dry and thin skin. In other words, if you’ve got acne or rosacea and you smoke, then plan on having blotchy skin. When you smoke, your body recieves an insufficient amount of oxygen and blood vessels become blocked. Soon after, cappilaries become dialated and the rest is history.

Rule #2: Keep Your Hormones In Control

I know, I get it, it’s almost impossible to do this, but if you can I’d suggest trying to keep your hormones balanced. Hormone changes while pregrant or if you’re using any type of birth control you may eventually need to deal with something known as melasma.

This is when melanin is produced in excess and your skin becomes discolored. The most outer layer of your skin becomes red and blotchy as a result, as well as thinner than usual.

Rule #3: Eat Right

If you’re consuming an unbalanced and unhealthy diet on a daily basis, then shame on you. Your body is a machine and feeding it a poor diet just means your machine will not improve.

If blotchy skin is your issue, then avoid foods like soy milk, chickpeas, and flaxseeds. Yes, I like flaxseed oil but there are alternatives if you’re dealing with blotchy skin.

Rule #4: Protect Yourself From Your Environment

As the WuTang Clan always say, you must protect ya neck! They we’re kidding either! Sure, my guess is they weren’t referring to your actual neck and certainly not from UV rays, but nevertheless, it fits. Too much UV exposure and constant sunburns will lead to collagen break down. You may not be protecting yourself. The end result is commonly an increase in pigmentation and an uneven tone.

Rule #5: Care For Chronic Conditions

If you’re dealing with dermatitis, rosacea, chronic skin inflammation and you’re not doing anything to prevent it, then you’re a fool. These conditions are manageable even if you cannot rid of them for good. However, not properly caring for chronic conditions can mean more blotchy skin and more frequently.

Don’t forget that you can always turn to various skin treatments and products that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Heck, you can even try making them if DIY skin care is your thing. I suggest heading to the store or reading up on our recommended products before doing anything else.

I guess at the end of the day, the thing to remember is that prevention can do wonders for your skin. Take action early and often, but be sure to take the right action! On a final note, you’re probably dealing with blotchy skin because you’re not taking precautions to protect your skin. Simple as that.

Reasons You’re Probably Sporting Blotchy Skin
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