Reasons You Might Want To Keep Your Beard This Summer


How many times have you heard me preach about losing your beard to keep your skin in tip-top shape? Well, it turns out that many people are tossing their razors in the trash and are going for the beard look instead. They’re doing this throwing caution to the wind and all without knowing just what good they’re actually doing to their skin!

Believe it or not, it turns out that sporting a beard may be more helpful for your skin than you think. At least that’s what some folks are saying on the Internet these days. After all, if it’s on the Internet then it must be true right? Find out why keeping your beard might be the smart move of the summer.

Reasons beards save your skin

Reasons To Grow A Beard This Summer

Aside from looking more manly and masculine in general, there are some reasons why people are sporting beards these days. Yes, it’s all in the name of health and skin. Here are some of the main reasons why!

Skin Cancer Risk Reduction

Based on an article I recently read, it turns out that having a beard may help lower your chances of acquiring skin cancer. Back in 2012 in Australia, someone did some research and apparently they discovered that a beard blocks a significant amount of UV rays that come from the sun. The blocking of these rays helps reduce the chances of acquiring skin cancer. Who would’ve thought that huh!

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Moisturize Your Skin Better

This one is another interesting fact. Turns out that the sebaceous glands that secrete oils and your beard work in tandem to keep your skin moisturizing levels at the healthiest level possible. How so might you ask? Well, it can keep your skin from drying due to sun or wind exposure. This helps better balance oil production and secretion. The end result, moisturized skin that’s better maintained!

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Beards Prevent Illness

Now, I’m with you on this one that it sounds a bit too good to be true but turns out it might actually help prevent you from getting sick. Beards are able to keep your face warm, which keeps the temperature of your body high. That said, illnesses that might be related to lower temperatures may not stand a chance all thanks to that trusty beard.

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Age Slower

None of us want to age quickly. Did you know that the sun can make you look older than anything else? Well, besides maybe smoking or something like that. Protecting your skin from too much sun can prevent wrinkles and other aging signs. The beard helps shield your skin from the sun.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should ditch that razor for good. Sporting a beard may now officially be considered healthy and manly. That said, the jury is still out on whether or not it’s the better route to take. My advice would be to do whatever you think is right for you and see what happens!

Reasons You Might Want To Keep Your Beard This Summer
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