Reasons To Never Buy Skin Care Products On Craigslist


People all across the globe are hawking skin care products to people of all kinds. They put forth a ton of effort to try and sell, sell, sell just to acquire a new customer. Some people go as far as posting products on Craigslist. Trust me when I say that buying health and beauty products on Craigslist is the biggest mistake you will make all day. I’m going to give you a few reasons as to why I strongly suggest that you avoid Craigslist completely when it comes to skin, health, and fitness.

craigslist skin care products

Top Four Reasons To Never Buy Skin Care Stuff On Craigslist

Here are some of the main reasons why I strongly suggest that you avoid Craigslist when it comes to purchasing skin related products. Sure, the service ads might be safe (some of them) but I can’t guarantee that! Here are the most important reasons why I suggest avoid buying Craigslist skin products at all costs.

Savings Don’t Add Up

Sure, you think your saving big bucks on products by purchasing them through some shifty Craigslister. You’re thinking that you’re getting hair products, protein powders, fat burner pills, face moisturizers, eye serums, and magic creams all at a heck of a price. However, what you don’t realize is that what you’re saving on the front end may in fact end up costing you a lot more on the backend.

There’s a reason that some of these products are deeply discounted on CL. More often than not, the products being sold on Craigslist are fake, diluted, or they’ve expired. Sure, you’re getting a great deal, but on what? An eye serum that doesn’t work? A skin cream that’s so old it causes you to breakout? Forget about deep discounts, the risk of purchasing these products and having negative side effects isn’t enough of a reason to make the purchase.

If you’re on the market for undiluted, genuine, unexpired skin care products then you need to purchase them through professionals or company websites only.

Expiration Dates Removed

People on Craigslist will often attempt to remove or even change the expiration date of skin care products that they are listing. This isn’t uncommon and it’s done by lots of people that misrepresent themselves as brand owners or representatives.

Diluted Products

As shady as it sounds, some of these Craigslist scammers will try and dilute products by watering them down. In fact, some will go so far as to putting different product in the same jars or bottles just to make a quick buck. How would you feel if you bought a product that came in a jar where somebody recently went dumpster diving to get a container so that they could fill it with fake cream? Don’t think that I’m joking because I’m not! This type of thing happens all the damn time and I’ve heard horror stories from some of the consumers we are close with at

They Aren’t Qualified Or Authorized

Most of the people selling skin and health products on Craigslist aren’t qualified. They literally make it seem like they are gurus, when in fact they are nothing but fake scam artists. They’ve got zero education and knowledge when it comes to product. Most of them are just looking for a quick sale and that’s it. Not to mention, they have no authorization to actually sell the products that they are marketing.

With ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, peptides, and vitamins, you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for and that you’re not further harming your skin. If a seller doesn’t provide adequate information then you need to run as quickly as possible.

Where To Buy

The only place that you should be buying skin care products is an authoritative skin care site. By that, I’m referring to sites like ours, company websites and only high-quality third-party reseller sites that have one seller and have been established for years.

If you find a product listing that you’re unsure about, send it our way. We’ve been in this game long enough to know what to avoid like the plague. After all, that’s what we specialize in, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. In the meantime, stay off of Craigslist.

Reasons To Never Buy Skin Care Products On Craigslist
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