Quit Drinking Alcohol And This Will Happen!


I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle. Sure, every once in a while I admit that I go overboard especially when it comes to food and alcohol consumption. However, that’s likely all to change soon as I become a father in a few short months. In fact, it’s already slowed down quite a bit over the last couple of months. In other words, “The party is over!”

I recently went on health binge and I must say that not drinking alcohol did a ton for my mind and body during that period. Yes, it had a positive impact on my skin, which is why I’m going to share what I know to be true from experience and research. Here’s what you need to know…

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Quit Alcohol And Expect The Following To Happen…

Before I kick things off here, I want to make it clear that I’m not suggesting that you absolutely cut alcohol out for the rest of your life. I mean, if you’ve got a consumption and addiction problem, then maybe that’s a good idea. Assuming that you do not, then I’m going to suggest that you simply put a halt on consuming it for a short period of time to see what happens and how you feel. Here’s what you can expect from quitting.

If you’ve been on a serious binge, the good news is that your body can bounce back pretty quickly. In fact, some incredible things typically happen when you quit booze. You’ll notice the impact in days, weeks, months, and even years if you quit that long. Let’s start small though first.

When you quit, within an hour after doing so, your body actually begins to detox itself. It does this in an attempt to remove alcohol from your bloodstream. Unfortunately, as this happens you’ll need to fight off the cravings for carbs and junk food which will definitely come around. It’s all part of the detox process. That junk food does nothing good for your skin, remember that!

Within 12 hours of quitting alcohol, your blood sugar will return to normal levels. However, there’s a good chance that your body will feel extremely dehydrated. Do your body and skin a favor by consuming a ton of water. The water will help take your skin from dull to normal.

Assuming that you’ve stopped for 48 hours, then your body is finally over the detoxing phase. That means you’ll likely not be tired, groggy, and your slamming headache is likely gone. If it’s not, then hang in there.

Once you hit the 72-hour mark, then you should be over the junk food cravings and you should finally feel like you did prior to drinking. This is when all the benefits start to really snowball. Once you hit the full week break from alcohol, you’ll notice that you’ll start sleeping deeper and both your mental state and physical state should improve quite a bit. As far as your skin is concerned, you’re going to notice that it’s feeling and looking much more youthful. Assuming you were having issues with eczema, rosacea (common alcohol issue) and dandruff, then you’ll be happy to know that these things won’t be an issue any longer.

Now, if you manage to go a full month without drinking alcohol, then your liver fat is able to better filter out toxins. My guess is that you’ll also notice that your stomach fat has gone down too.

If you extend this to a year, then it’s common for many people to lose up to thirteen pounds of stomach fat alone (without any Shredz too!. Additionally, think of all the money that you would have saved by not drinking at every happy hour throughout the year!

As you can see, quitting alcohol is a good idea. If you’re interested in learning what happens when you consume too much alcohol, then read this article here!

Quit Drinking Alcohol And This Will Happen!
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