Put The Cell Phone Down Now! The Light Is Ruining Your Skin!


I’ve harped on the necessity of protecting your skin from things like the sun, wind, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, and even the gym. So much that you’re probably so sick of hearing it all from me. Well, there’s one thing that I’m going to tell you (AGAIN) and that is to stop using your cell phone so much! I’ve yet to share the many reasons why, but I’ll do that right now.

Don’t worry, there’s research backing this so you can quit the whining and your complaining too!

cell phone light concerns

Cell Phones & Computers Do Destroy Your Skin!

Are you familiar with what blue light is? What about HEV aka high energy visible light? This light is a light which your phone and computer both emit. This blue light is no joke as excess exposure can really do a number on your skin. In fact, overexposing yourself to this blue light can most definitely cause you to age quicker. If you’re looking to speed up that process and maybe even cause some hyperpigmentation issues, then by all means, have at it!

Why does this happen?

Simple, it’s got something to do with the oxidation process and the blue light making that process far more rapid than usual. This causes your skin to become weak, damaged, uneven, dull and everything else you can think of. Did I mention pigmentation issues and fine lines as well as wrinkles?

The good news?

There are products out there which can help! No kidding, this is the truth. Companies are literally creating products in order to assist with protecting your skin from too much blue light exposure. For example, Murad makes a product they call the City Skin Age Defense SPF. Though costly at $65 a bottle, it’s certainly cheaper than getting treatments at a later date.

Paula’s Choice has an Omega Plus Complex which contains lots of ingredients known to help restore and repair your skin. It’s what many consider to be a superfood for your largest organ.

Clarins makes a product called the UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen which is meant to protect you from many things including UV rays, and other environmental issues. If you’re planning on sending Snapchats to people, then do so while wearing this product.

Can you see the clear pattern here? The importance of wearing products with sunscreen and doing so every day. It truly makes a difference and with very little effort, the results will speak volumes. Your best bet is to just stop using your phone so much!

If you’re looking for other reasons why you should try these products, start by heading on over to the page which showcases the various stages of cancer or maybe just the stats of getting it in your lifetime. I can confidently say that every single person I know that applies SPF daily looks youthful and younger than those who don’t. If you’re trying to fight me on this one, then you’re losing this battle.

Head on over to your local Sephora and ask to see some products that protect you from that light. Also, stop taking so many damn selfies, please!

Put The Cell Phone Down Now! The Light Is Ruining Your Skin!
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