Products That You Can Share With Your Significant Other


We’ve said it so many times that you’re going to think we’re crazy right now! It’s just about once a week that we have to tell a reader to stop using his or her significant others skin products. In fact, we’ve nearly yelled it to one reader with the same question over and over. Well, not exactly because we’re nice, but you get my point. You’ve been taught that it’s completely wrong to share products with your significant other. Well, today I’m bending the rules a bit!

While it’s best to keep your own product usage in check, sometimes it’s safe for you to use each other’s products. I typically would never condone of this but since I’m in a relatively good mood I thought I’d share some products that both of you can use. Please keep in mind that this is not a free for all to use all your significant others products. There are certain items that are safe to share and others that you want to avoid sharing completely.

Skin Products Safe To Share

Short List Of Products You Can Share With Your Significant Other

While I certainly don’t use deodorant for men, I’ll tell you right now that my significant other uses some of the same products that I apply weekly and even daily at times. Here’s a quick rundown of the various types of products that are safe to share and why.

Since it’s summertime, I’ll start with the BB cream. Let’s face it, some guys have the need to dip into their girlfriends or wife’s makeup case to help cover up a blemish or two at times. When that time comes, it’s safe for them to turn to a BB cream in the cabinet. This is typically safe for both men and women to use if they want to give their skin a clear appearance. Many of the brands contain SPF which is an added bonus far as I’m concerned. If you’re looking for a product took to pick up for mutual benefit, then give the Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream a try. It’s less than $20.00 and is available at any Target store or pharmacy.

Another reason why I consider this product safe to share is the pump applicator. It prevents further contamination and protects the remainder of the product within the package.

Another product that works quite well is shareable and has recently made strides on the scene are sheet masks. Now, I’m not suggesting that you use one, then give it to someone else to apply as well. What I’m suggesting is that you share a multipack with your partner. There are so many different kinds of sheet masks out there today that it’s impossible to not find one that suits your needs. Far as I’m concerned, you cannot afford to not try them. Chances are you’ll find individually packaged sheet masks at just about every Sephora on the planet. Start there and you’ll be fine.

This next one isn’t habitually used as much as it should be by men, but nevertheless, it’s important for sure. The product that I’m referring to is anti aging serum. Many of these serums contain ingredients that both men and women can benefit from and given that so many of the products today have pump dispensers, it makes it easy and hygienic for sharing. Both of your should take better care of your skin by using an anti aging serum. Check this one out here if you’re problem area is your eye region.

I personally cannot live without this product and I know that many other women out there today can’t live without it either. I’m talking about high-quality body lotion. Women such as myself can’t live without it and men with simple routines often incorporate this is at the facial level. I’m here to tell you that both men and women should be moisturizing their bodies and that it’s completely safe to share this product with one another.

Last but not least, this next product is more a tool than anything but one that most cannot live without. I’m talking about tweezers. Men and women need to pluck their eyebrows. No one likes a unibrow, so please for the love of God, both use this simple tool!

Remember, sharing is caring and it’s okay to share some products but not everything. If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to me directly!

Products That You Can Share With Your Significant Other
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