Product Layering 101: When To Apply What


We all have a lot of decisions to make every single day. Some of those decisions come natural and are quite effortless. Truth be told, that’s exactly how your skin product layering should be, but most often that’s not the case.

So many people are confused when it comes to applying skin care products. I’ll admit until I got started in the skin care business, I too was a bit lost. The good news is this, you don’t have to be. Here is a quick 101 lesson on product layering, which products are necessities and what you can do to amplify things to achieve perfect skin.

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Some Skin Product Layering Tips For Everyone

First, what I want to do is make you aware that all of these products aren’t necessities. There are only a few “must do” steps when it comes to layering your skin care products. According to Joanna Vargas, celeb esthetician, you only really need three steps if you’re using fantastic products. The necessary steps are incorporating a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, that’s it really.

Well, enough about the necessities. If you’re planning on going full boat then you need to know the order in which to layer. Here is the order that seems to be most recommended.

Makeup Remover
According to Vargas, this step is absolutely crucial. It doesn’t matter what your typical nighttime skin routine is, this comes before everything else. Always start with this and if you’re not already then start now.

Face Cleanser
Start by washing your face with a high-quality cleanser. You want to use a cleanser that’s going to work extra hard to remove the nasty dirt and oil on your skin. However, you want it to be gentle enough to not do any damage. You could think about incorporating a nice Delfogo cleanser or some type of vitamin C cleanser. There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

Cleansing Balm
You could also apply a cleansing balm. This is primarily useful if you need a deeper, solid cleansing and if you’re looking for a product that you can apply to your skin dry. It’s a great alternative to a typical cleanser.

Cleansing Oil
Again, this is not to be confused with being an additional cleansing step. It’s another perfect alternative to a normal cleanser. Cleansing oil does a pretty good job when it comes to removing oils that clog pores. It can leave your skin feeling perfect if you find the right product. Remember, these oils are good for you.

Micellar Water
Another sought after first step in the product layering process is using micellar water. This can be used to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Time to talk toner! A toner is an additional step that many people do but it’s not completely necessary. However, if you’re looking to further balance your skin, then this is a great choice.

If you’re going to incorporate the use of any masks, then you need to do so only after completely removing all of your makeup. It’s useless to apply a mask on a face that has layers of product on. You’re not doing your skin any favors taking that approach.

Perhaps your face is a bit dry? You feel like you need something to freshen things up? Try applying a face mist to hydrate your skin. This also works well to calm any skin that might be irritated. This should be applied after a cleanser. It can be used sporadically throughout the day too when needed.

If you’re one that’s prone to acne and bad breakouts then now is the time to apply the acne treatment. If your skin is extra dry, you can apply one of the many hydrating serums available on the market.

If you chose to use the serum, then you should use the oil. However, if you’re skin tends to get dry, then you can skip the serum and go straight for the oils. If you’re prone to breakouts then stick with the serum.

Eye Cream
Using an eye cream is crucial as you get older. It makes you feel better about yourself too. I’m not afraid to admit that I use one myself. Look for a product that has a limited number of active ingredients. When you find something you like that works, stick with it.

Moisturizing your skin is great as it keeps things healthy overall. You’ll want to find a moisturizer that you can incorporate which contains SPF to further protect your skin from the sun. Look for something with SPF 30 in it.

If the moisturizer that you love to use daily does not have SPF in it, then you need to think about applying some sunscreen. Save the sunscreen for last always and make sure you apply it daily. You’re doing a disservice to your skin by not applying it.

Read this once or twice and take some notes if you need to do so. Proper product layering will be a game changer for you if you put the effort in. Good luck!

Product Layering 101: When To Apply What
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