Proctor & Gamble Sponsor VIP Style Lounge For 2017 NFL Draft Night


Last night the National Football League held their annual NFL Draft. It was the moment that some men dream about for years while growing up. Those dreams became a reality for some super athletes. As the athletes enter the stage, one would think that the preparation was effortless, that’s just how well-prepared these players were for the big night. What you probably didn’t realize was that big male grooming brands helped the NFL prospects prepare for the event in order to get them looking their best.

Proctor & Gamble NFL Draft Skin Care & Hair Style Lounge
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Brands like Gillette, Old Spice, Braun, and many others provided services for player prospects in a VIP salon and lounge area. The VIP Style lounge sponsored by Proctor & Gamble offered skin and hair care services such as grooming, hair styling, shaving, makeup, manicures and so much more.

While I didn’t attend the event, I’m willing to be that they had enough product on deck to make every prospect look their best ten times over. All of the services were offered free of charge for both players and their families.

According to P&G Sports Marketing Director, Janet Fletcher, this was the third year that they brought the P&G VIP Style Lounge to the NFL Draft. She mentioned that the last over the last two years, they’ve received “great feedback from the prospects’ families.”

My guess is that many of these players have a certain style that they like to rock and thankfully, P&G did what they could to make them look as best as possible for what may have been the biggest night of their lives. Parents of players must also be happy that their children were looking their best during a night that many will never forget.

You’re probably wondering why I’m evening reporting something like this on a Friday morning. Well, truth be told, I do have a point to make. When it’s your time to shine, it’s best to be ready! These players put forth the time and effort to prepare on the field for years in hopes of this day coming. Now that it’s arrived, they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure they look good for the event.

See, no matter what you do, dedication to present the best version of you is what matters most. Be the best you can be, dress the best, and take care of your skin and body like these athletes do. If you don’t you’re only selling yourself short.

Just because you’re not a professional athlete or even a college athlete doesn’t mean you can’t have perfect looking skin. We’ve got all the information and tools that you need to succeed. Read up on the latest products, or take some time to read the tips that we share. We’ve got you covered one way or another!

Proctor & Gamble Sponsor VIP Style Lounge For 2017 NFL Draft Night
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