Are Probiotics The Key To Clear Skin?


We’ve tried everything, right? Face creams, moisturizers, eye serums and so many products that it’s quite possible we’ve reached the end of the road with the list, right? Wrong! There may be something else that can help get rid of that terrible acne and horrible skin that you’ve been dealing with. At least one person thinks probiotics are the way to clearer skin.

probiotics clear skin

Probiotics Cleared Up His Bad Skin

An individual by the name of John James Muller, spoke with the local CBS news reporter in New York. He had expressed that he literally tried everything to clear up his skin. According to CBS, by the time John James Muller was 20, his acne was as bad as it had ever been. Kristine Johnson spoke with John James Muller and she quickly found out what helped clear up his acne. One thing did the trick, probiotics.

For those of you that are not familiar with what probiotics are, they are live bacteria that can be found in a few types of foods such as yogurt and yogurt-based drinks. Probiotics are known for doing a good job in regulating your digestive system. They work within the environment of our intestines.

Taking probiotics helps regulate all that bacteria that lives in our intestines. When this bacteria overgrows it can wreak havoc on our bodies and skin. It can even cause our bodies to go into a toxic state.

The good news is that the toxic state is not permanent. Thankfully, our bodies have organs that help us detoxify our systems, one of which is our skin. So, when we reach that toxic state, it makes sense that our skin has to deal with the releasing of the toxins. This can lead to skin breakouts.

If you’re looking to keep your skin healthy aside from just apply products, then I’d suggest trying to either consume foods that containĀ probiotics such as greens and yogurt or perhaps taking a probiotic supplement. There are skin care lines that are now producing probiotics as an additional line of defense against unhealthy looking skin.

Feel free to watch the video below for the full interview with John James Muller.

Are Probiotics The Key To Clear Skin?
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