Prai Beauty Skincare Brand Review

I’ve been dealing with many skin care companies over the years and one that I’ve recently come across is Prai Beauty. This is a skin care company based in the United States and they’re heavily known for creating a wide range of products that do a bunch of things. The products under this brands umbrella help with anti-aging issues, dry skin, puffy eyes, dark under eyes, uneven skin tone and so much decollete wrinkles and more.

This company was started back in 1999 by a woman named Cathy Kangas. Kathy is considered to be an expert in the beauty field and she decided to start the business to provide quality products at affordable prices. The products that Kathy created are definitely considered to be high-end. Although, they can be found at very affordable prices and that goes for many of the ranges that the company has created. You’ll find above average quality products within the skin care range, fragrance range, and many other types.

The Parai Skin Care company has headquarters in Maryland and they ship all products from the warehouses located within the United States.

prai skin care reviewMore About Prai Skin Care Products And The Ingredients

If you take a quick look at the company website, you’ll notice that the Prai skin care line covers a number of categories. They’ve got serums, moisturizers, neck creams, cleansers, toners, body products, eye treatments, and more. Some of the major issues that they cover are lines, wrinkles, lifting, firming, signs of aging, hydration and more. Most of the products on the site have been manufactured with the inclusion of prai root.

For those unfamiliar with what this is, it’s a type of ginger that exists. The prai root extract is known for being a nice natural emollient which helps improve your skin by increasing the smoothness and moisture level. Of course, there are other ingredients that you can find in Prai products such as peptides. These peptides are great for boosting the firmness of your skin and improving the texture of things. Amino acids and things like glycerin also help assist these products in working better.

What other common ingredients do the products contain? Well, many of the Prai ingredients actually contain ingredients that might not be considered that great for you. For example, you’ll find that it includes fragrances which can cause issues, parabens, artificial dyes and more. Assuming that you’re suffering from sensitive skin, you’re going to want to watch out for these products as they can really cause damage. If you have eczema, skin redness, or any other existing skin condition, then I strongly suggest you reach out to your dermatologist before trying the Prai products.

There are certain things such as dyes which are sometimes incorporated that may have a negative impact on your skin. You’ll just need to read into whether or not the product you’re looking to use contains them.

Buying Prai Products

There are a couple of ways that you can purchase Prai products. The best and safest way is to head on over to the official website. All of the products are sold directly on the site. You’ll notice that each product displays reviews written by consumers. I must point out that you need to be skeptical about these reviews because they are posted on the company website. It should be obvious that the company is not going to post anything that could seriously damage their reputation. That said, you need to check out reviews on third party sites to see if there is something that best suits your needs based on consumer feedback.

One great thing about the company site is that they list the ingredients and product information right there on the website. What that means is that you’ll be able to dive deep into the website and digest the complete listing before making any purchasing decisions. Most stores and brands sold online do not display all of this information, so be sure to take full advantage of it. You honestly should not look to purchase these products anywhere aside from the official Prai website.

As for the product pricing, most of the products cost between $20 and $65. The 24K GOLD Concentrate Retinol costs $44.95 and the Pure Collagen Spray costs $39.95. In terms of cheaper products, they’ve got the Lifting Concentrate which costs only $14.95 and the Wrinkle Concentrate which costs the same.

Side Effects

I briefly mentioned the side effects associated with this brand. The main issues are drawn from the artificial dyes¬†and the fragrances that have been added to many of the products. TO be honest, I’m not sure why they bother adding them given that they really don’t do anything for your skin aside from irritating it. Most people have had a small amount of redness and skin irritation but nothing major from these products.

Assuming you have a bad streak or history of developing things like skin redness or irritation, then I suggest you test a small area of your skin before applying any of the Prai products in a large area.

Prai Beauty Skincare Brand Review
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