Pore Strips

I know we’ve published information on this type of product but nothing too specific. I wanted to share some information on pore strips, what they are, how effective they can be and the potential side effects that go along with using many of the brands available today.

pore stripsEverything You Want To Know About Pore Strips

If you didn’t already know, pore strips have become one of the most popular treatments for clearing clogged pores. The strips work extremely hard to lift all that gunk and gross dirt away. They remove blackheads, caked on makeup and more. The surface of your skin is filled with these things and getting rid of them can be a real pain. A lot of individuals will incorporate these skin care strips into their routine in order to further prevent breakouts from occurring. This can lead to a reduction in the amount of acne that they have to deal with.

Pore strips are even used by many in areas such as your nose and forehead to help remove nasty blackheads that are almost impossible to extract. These blackheads develop in these areas so commonly that people run out of adhesive strips on a weekly basis just trying to maintain their skin.

These handy strips can be purchased at any supermarket or drug store. If you’re interested in buying them in bulk, you can find them online in bulk for much cheaper prices than those listed in local retail shops. Believe it or not, some people choose to make their own pore strips in order to save money. However, don’t just go out and start buying a ton, find out what works best, what the side effects might be and which brand is best for you.

Product Overview

What happens to our pores is they get clogged with naturally produced oils called sebum, makeup, dead skin, dirt, grime, grease and more. Even hair follicles when they get impacted are filled with bacteria and once that bacteria hits the air, you better believe that’s going to clog up. Pore strips help remove all the nasty blackheads, whiteheads and anything else that seems to get in the way of our perfectly open and clear pores. The strips are used to remove all that gross debris and material that fills the holes in our skin. They have an adhesive that helps extract the blackheads and debris upon contact. Some strips need to be left on for a few minutes and others for much longer. It’s as simple as applying and pulling.

Here’s How To Really Use Them

I gave you a simple overview of what pore strips were and what they do. However, this is a more accurate picture of how to use them properly. Before applying any strips, you need to open your pores up nicely. The best way to do this is to use steam to open them up. You can fill your sink with hot water or you can take a hot shower and steam your face for about 10-20 minutes. Once your pores are open, make sure whatever area you are applying the pore strips too is somewhat moist.

Apply either the homemade pore strip or the one recently purchased to your face. Press down on the area firmly, taking care to make contact with your skin. Leave the strips on for the suggested period of time according to the manufacturer. Once time is up, slowly begin to peel the strip off from one end. Be gentle as you don’t want to damage your skin too much. Your only objective is to remove the clogged residue.

Side Effects

There are some side effects if you decide to use pore strips to maintain your skin. The area that you apply the strips to may become extra sensitive and pulling away all those blackheads further exposes yourself. You become more prone to getting an infection. Should you become infected or if you find that your skin becomes irritated, then you should consider making your own version of a less irritating pore strip.

The one thing you need to always remember is when making a homemade product or DIY pore strip, you can still do damage to your skin. It can cause excessive dryness, rashes, redness and more because you’re essentially removing a bunch of natural oils that your body needs to keep your skin healthy. Your best bet would be speaking with your dermatologist before you start experimenting on your body, you only have one body and it’s pretty crucial that you take care of it.

Pore Strips
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