Popular Gluten Free Skin Care Product Ingredients


I’ve been buying skin care products literally for over a decade. Having said that, it’s super important to understand how many different types of skin care ingredients there are out there. If you’re into living a gluten free lifestyle, then there are plenty of gluten free ingredients that you can look into using.

Gluten Free Skin Care Ingredients

Top Five Gluten Free Ingredients That People Use Today

These gluten free ingredients are by no means listed in any ranking order. They are all so popular that it’s difficult for me to place rankings on each and every one of them. I’ll start with my favorite type of tea.

Chamomile Tea

I’m pretty much obsessed with chamomile tea. If I’m not using it on a daily basis, then I’m having a meltdown. Just kidding, but seriously, I love chamomile tea for so many reasons. This gluten free tea is great to drink, use on your skin, in your hair, body, face and more.

It makes my skin feel so fresh and so clean every time I use it. If you’re really into DIY stuff, you can attempt to incorporate some flowers to create a scrub of some sort. Your body will be very thankful!


The best gluten-free ingredient for balancing your pH levels is none other than raw honey. If you’re having issues with dry skin and pimples, then you need to simply apply a raw honey mask to your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water and reap the rewards of treating your skin with great care.

Rose Water

This is really jam packed with antioxidants and it’s so readily available today. Don’t be afraid to create your very own DIY organic rose water and use it as a toner for your skin. Chances are you’ll have a nice gluten free toner that you can enjoy and your skin will be very grateful.


Some people don’t think that organic blueberries are good for your skin and they don’t give them a chance. However, I’m here to tell you that this gluten free fruit can do wonders for your skin. I”m talking about being able to improve your skin tone and appearance. Find a nice blueberry face mask recipe online and just go for it!


Last but certainly not least is lavender. It’s a fantastic ingredient that you can use as the main ingredient of a body cleanser. All you need is some salt and lavender tea. Wait until the tea cools off and you’re then ready to use it. The mixture can last up to seven days in your refrigerator.

Well, that should be enough gluten free ingredients for you to enjoy!

Popular Gluten Free Skin Care Product Ingredients
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