Poppin’ Pills Isn’t The Answer To Great Skin


I know that I preach the use of supplements on the regular and I do it for your health. Regardless of what I tell you, you need to know something and you need to know it now. Popping’ pills isn’t going to help your poor skin as much as you think or would like. Not to mention, poppin’ pills is just not good for your health in general. Your body needs to process all that crap in those tiny pills. Your liver isn’t going to like doing that one bit.

poppin' pills

Poppin’ Pills Can’t Fix Your Skin

It’s no surprise that the use of skin care pills is starting to skyrocket. They are literally being invented on a daily basis and they’re hitting the market faster than you can ever imagine. The use of them has become popular amongst women. They want to find magic in a pill and they are doing everything that they can to look as perfect as possible.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re one of these women, you need to stop taking the pills. The outrageous guarantees that have been published are ridiculous.

According to an article recently published in Digital Journal, a skin care expert decided to take a stand and expose the truth about these pills.

Natalya Borakowski from Desert Bloom Skin Care mentioned that these pills were nothing but ridiculous guarantees. She pointed out that medications and supplements taken orally can’t replace amazing topical skin care products like the eye serums and wrinkle creams we apply daily.

The reason these pills aren’t as effective is due to the fact that the outer layer of our skin doesn’t have any blood supply. What this means is that the pills you take orally which contain super powers never actually reach the surface of your skin. Your skin has the chance of remaining dull and ugly if this is your only defense method.

Supplements are just that, they are supplemental. They are not replacements for good healthy topical skin care. If you plan on incorporating pills into your diet or skin care regimen you better be adding to your regimen without removing any important steps. If not, you’re wasting your time.

Poppin’ Pills Isn’t The Answer To Great Skin
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