Plant-Based Ingredients That You Might Not Know About


Since I’ve been on such a health kick these days talking about dieting, eating less meat, staying away from alcohol and all that jazz, I thought it was only appropriate for me to share some plant-based ingredients with you that you might not know about. Sure, you’re quite familiar with coconut oil, maybe some coffee beans and who knows what else. That said, I’m sure there are more that you didn’t know existed.

Some plant-based ingredients can take your skin from okay to awesome just like that. The problem is that many people haven’t got a clue which ingredients to work into their daily routine. That’s where we come in! By simply sharing some pure and natural ingredients with you, we give you the tools and the wisdom to improve your skin. The only thing required on your behalf is action.

Before I get started, there are a couple of things that I want you to know about plant-based skin care ingredients. For the most part, they smell pretty darn good and most of them have anti-inflammatory effects like no other. The second thing I want you to understand is that you might actually have these in your house already and you may not even know it. No, I’m not suggesting that you run around your house gathering random ingredients for future inspections. Don’t waste your time doing that. Instead, read what I’ve got to say and then take some action afterward.

plant-based ingredients

Plant-Based Ingredients To Improve Your Skin

Here are a few of the most underrated plant-based ingredients that people often fail to think of incorporating into their skin care routines. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to take action here are use all of them, but one or two might not be a bad idea!

Sunflower Oil

Some people store sunflower oil right next to their olive oil, yet the bottle never gets touched. It’s simply a backup type of oil that often gets neglected. I’m here to tell you to not neglect it. Instead, you should be using it on your skin and taking advantage of its soothing effects. Sunflower oil is said to contain lots of vitamin E, which is known for assisting in the cell reproduction process. If you’re dealing with scars, sun spots, and blemishes, then you need to give this natural oil a try.

Pine Bark

I know what you’re thinking. You most likely think that I’m absolutely crazy to suggest that pine bark is a good natural ingredient for your skin. Honestly, it’s an incredible ingredient that many women love using! Pine bark extract contains tons of antioxidants which can help you better absorb vitamin C contained in various products. Lots of people shun this ingredient but I’m telling you, once you try it, you’ll love it!


I’m a huge advocate of trying new things to see how they impact your life. Guess what, the oil from the blackcurrant berry is awesome for your skin! Given that it’s loaded with vitamin C as well as multiple B-vitamins, it’s an antioxidant power packed oil. These without a doubt can and will help you fight off the aging wrinkles that we all hate to acquire.

Whether you decide to eat them, drink them, or do whatever with them, they’re great for you. If circulation is a problem, then you need to start consuming them, like yesterday.


The rosemary plant is great for your skin if you are looking to maintain a youthful looking complexion. The plant acts as an antiseptic as well as an anti aging product with can help repair and tighten your skin. It is believed to be able to tighten your skin and help it maintain that youthful look.

Okay, so now that you’ve heard the great news about all these plant-based ingredients that can help improve your skin, you need to know where to get them.

Good news is you’ve got plenty of options. The first thing you can do is search online for products that contain the ingredients. Be sure to stick with natural and organic products if you take that route. In the event that you’re looking for a more pure option, you can decide to go to your local Whole Foods store and see what they have for sale.

Another option is to head on over to and start searching for ingredients. Whatever you do, don’t hope on Craigslist for gosh sakes! Chances are if you take that route, you’ll end up going down a rabbit hole and buying a ton of things. Any route is fine, providing that you take action and do something.

Any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Plant-Based Ingredients That You Might Not Know About
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