Pimples After Shaving

Getting pimples after shaving is actually quite common. Lots of men actually get this on a regular basis and rashes can really be a big problem when that happens. Some guys simply think that the presence of these pimples is a formal invitation for them to start growing a beard. They use it as an excuse to discontinue shaving completely. What they need to understand is that there are not many reasons that pimples after shaving blossom. I’m going to do my best to share all the main reasons why these pimples tend to show up after shaving, how to care for them, and ultimately how to best avoid having to deal with them.

pimples after shavingWhat Causes Pimples After Shaving To Form?

Actually, before I get into the causes I should let you know that women have this same problem. In fact, they might more commonly get pimples just in other parts of their body. The reason they get this so much is that they have more sensitive skin than most men.

I’m going to tell you something that you are likely not going to enjoy hearing, but treating these kinds of pimples can be a battle. It’s something that requires individual treatment and what might work for someone may not work for you. It’s all dependant upon the level of sensitivity to be quite honest.

Before I get too deep into the treatments, let’s cover the main causes of pimples popping up after shaving. Like I said, many men have had to deal with this problem and those that have not had to do so should consider themselves lucky. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones then I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that you likely shave less frequently than you would have had you not had to deal with this issue.

Here are some of the main causes of pimples showing up after shaving. These are most applicable to men versus women but the causes can be relevant for women as well.

Shaving Devices – Some people simply expose themselves to increased risks just by using a shaving tool that simply doesn’t work well with their skin. There are two different types of shaving tools that you can use. One is a basic handheld, old fashioned razor, while the other and electric shaver.

I bet you didn’t know that electric shavers often initially cause rashes when you first start using them. Soon after, your skin will likely adjust to the device and begin to clear up. Other times, your skin doesn’t clear up all that quickly. It can actually get worse and that’s when it’s best to try to use other devices.

Creams or Gels – Shaving creams and gels can really irritate your skin. You would think that they would not, given that they really shouldn’t do this, but they often can problems. Most shaving creams (even those made for people with sensitive skin) contain some form of irritants or chemicals that happen to make things worse. What most men that have issues typically do is they steer clear from fancy new-age gels and creams. Instead, they opt for old-fashion shaving brushes and basic soap or foam cream. You’ll need to do some experimenting with soaps to see which your body accepts best.

Aftershave Lotion – Most men that use aftershave lotions end up having issues with them. The lotions can cause pimples or zits to form after shaving. It is most commonly due to an allergic reaction that people have with the aftershaves. I strongly recommend that almost everyone avoid using these at all costs. I’ve never heard anyone report a good experience after applying it. Definitely, do not apply cologne in the applicable area as a result.

Uncleanliness – When tools are clean and your hands are dirty, that uncleanliness transfers to your skin. Guess what happens? Sure enough, pimples form as a result of simple contact. If you’re not washing your hands or shaving tools then you are putting your skin at risk.


Treating shaving pimples is a battle that many of us have had to deal with. The process can be more of a trial and error process versus anything. What might be the most important thing is that you recognize the issue as quickly as possible.

In the event that you spot the issue quickly, you can simply apply what’s known as a skin tonic or skin cream to help moisturize the area. If the pimples appear, then you need to apply one or the other as quickly as possible. This is something that can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Whatever you do, if you decide to buy something online, read this first┬ábefore buying.

Alternatively, you can try to apply a little bit of aloe vera juice you can try that. I’ve spoken about the positive effects that aloe vera has on your skin in this article.

Another treatment method is razor replacement. If you’re using a low-quality razor, then you are already putting yourself at greater risk and that’s no way to start things out. One thing I always suggest is using different razors for different areas. If you decide to shave your face and body, I would use separate razors for each of them.

Lastly, you can try to apply some chamomile lotion to the pimples and see if the inflammation reduces itself over time. Some people also swear by making their own lotion using glycerol and crushed up aspirin. I’m not one to crush up aspirin so I personally have avoided this technique.

Seek Professional Help

Assuming that you have trouble doing all of the above, then you might need to speak with a professional that’s licensed to prescribe medication for your condition. Whatever you do, I strongly suggest that you not wait for things to get worse! Your local dermatologist is your friend, trust me on this one!

Pimples After Shaving
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