Picowave Device Uses Sound To Eliminate Imperfections


Most of the time when we begin to think about skin care and various treatments used to perfect our skin, we begin to think about the typical laser treatment, prescription strength creams and serums. One thing that doesn’t come to mind is the use of sound. Well, that may change from here on out due to a new device that’s recently hit the market.

doctor narurkar talks about Picowave
Credit: ABC 7 News

Use Sound To Eliminate Skin Imperfections?

That’s right! A San Fransisco based dermatologist named Vic Narurkar has begun to incorporate the sound pulse technology in an attempt to lighten age spots that his patients are getting. The new product that he’s using is called Picowave and according to ABC 7 News, it’s considered to be a combination laser.

When interviewed by ABC 7, Dr. Narurkar made the following statement about the product. “What’s unique about the Picowave laser is it uses a mechanism that’s primarily called photo-acoustic. Photo, meaning light, acoustic, meaning sound,” Narurkar said.

Here’s how it works specifically, the sound waves attempt to reduce the pigment in age spots by breaking up the pigment. There’s an additional component here which incorporates the use of another handset. Through laser injection, the handset helps stimulate and rebuild collagen tissue.

According to Dr. Narurkar, the use of the Picoway resulted in the removal of both scarring and age spots during the trials that have been performed. It’s now considered to be an alternative optionĀ for those looking to revive and rejuvenate their skin.

Thus far, there have been no serious side effects from this procedure. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered based on my research. Here’s a closeup of the machine…

Credit: Channel 7 ABC

Is there a type of skin treatment that you prefer?

If you have a habit of getting specific skin care treatments, then I’d love to hear what you’re doing! I’d be more than happy to keep our communications anonymous should you prefer to do so.

If you’re a dermatologist that’s started to incorporate a new type of technology to treat your patients, please contact me so I can share it with our readers. I’m always looking to share the latest and greatest when it comes to skin care technology!

Picowave Device Uses Sound To Eliminate Imperfections
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