Physicians Formula Reviews

Makeup, as well as skin care, are two very sensitive subjects these days. With the growing number of white label and private label services, it makes total sense as to why finding a good skin care company is more and more important. Which is exactly why I’m here to share some research on a company known as Physicians Formula.

Physicians Formula Review

What Is Physicians Formula?

For starters, the Physicians Formula is a company that specializes in creating makeup and skin care products. They don’t just claim to make the typical products piled up on the retail shelves though, they manufacture products which do not contain any allergens or chemicals that are known to irritate consumers skin. That’s most likely the strongest selling point of the company.

Company History

Now for some history on the brand itself….

The company has been around since 1937. It was created by a Dr. Frank Crandall who originally started the company as a very small manufacturer to a huge player within the industry, distributing their manufactured products across many different countries. Some of the countries which you might find Physicians Formula products in are the United States, Belguim, and many others that take pride in their skin complexion.

The company eventually grew so much that it went public in 2006 via an initial public offering. Today, Physicians Formula continues to manufacture skin products and many of them do not contain any allergens. However, it’s been said that some formulas may, in fact, contain chemicals that have a tendency to cause people to break out in acne and have clogged pores. However, that’s not something that I can personally verify or validate at this point.

What I can say is that it’s important for you to take pride in your skin and if you’re planning on using any of the products, then it’s important that you both consult with your dermatologist and do your own personal research before doing so.

The Product Lines

The Physicians Formula company has a very large selection of products which they have available for purchase via their official store on their website. They also sell various products at physical retail locations. In terms of product categorization, the company has created common categories which their products fall under such as general care, eyes, face, and lips.

The company has specific lines which have been created with the main ingredient being the category factor. For example, the company sells an Argan Wear product line that has been built on the premise of argan oil being the main ingredient and benefit.

They have another product line called the Organic Wear line which has been created with the use of organic ingredients being the main selling point. This line contains no parabens, synthetics or chemicals. One other type of line that they have is the Mineral Wear line which has been created with a strong emphasis on minerals being used as the active ingredient. This product line is supposed to be good for tightening as well as repairing your skin.

In my personal opinion, the website is pretty user-friendly and simple to navigate. If you take the time to visit the site, you’ll notice that they’ve broken down the navigation to six simple categories, making it pretty easy to find products to best suit your needs.

What Do The Products Cost?

If you’re truly interested in using this product, then you’re in luck. The Physicians Formula products are very affordable and pricing seems relatively competitive as well. Some of the products are less than $10.00 In fact, there are some products that are listed for sale on the site for as low as $6.95 and most of the products cost less than $20.00 max.

One thing you need to remember is that low prices may seem appealing but there is a reason that they are so low. Typically, when a product is priced lower than the typical market price, it’s because it’s missing many of the standard ingredients that other products contain.

Also, knowing that the company prides itself in not containing any known allergens or harsh chemicals, it would be prudent to test that theory out still and confirm that none of the products are going to cause issues with your skin. Some of the formulas do contain ingredients such as witch hazel and alcohol. These have in fact been known to cause issues for consumers in other products. That said, use that information to your advantage.

Buying Physicians Formula Products

If you think you’re going to have a hard time buying these skin products, then think again. The Physicians Formula products can be purchased at a number of locations throughout the globe. Most consumers typically purchase from the official company website and they do so because it ensures that the product quality will be best. Consumers typically like to browse the online store, read the product details and find something that best suits their needs at which point, they then make a decision to purchase the goods.

One thing I want to remind all consumers is that it’s very important to read the reviews left by verified consumers. You must remember to take into consideration the consumer’s skin type and condition. I’d also like to suggest that you check out as many websites as possible to find any and all product reviews on the specific Physicians Formula product that you’re interested in buying.

If you can’t wait a few days for the product to ship, then head on down to the closest CVS, Krogers, Target, Walmart or any large department store and you’ll run into it at some point.

One last thing, please remember to ask your dermatologist if they approve before using the products. Doing so is what I’d like to think is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Some people just take action without doing any research on the product. They don’t care and as a result, on certain occasions, their skin suffers. It’s the nature of doing something without taking the time to properly research things. Do your homework before you take action.

Physicians Formula Reviews
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