Pharrell Williams Has A Skin Care Routine You Need To Know About


If you don’t know who Pharrell Williams is, he’s a famous rapper, entertainer, and fashion designer that looks much younger than his actual age. The reason that he looks so young is due to his youthful-looking skin. If you’re getting older like we all do, then you might want to learn what it is that Pharrell does. There are a few things that you need to be aware of if you do plan on trying to achieve Pharrell level skin.

pharrell williams skin care advice
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Here’s What Pharrell Williams Does To Look Youthful

Some of the things that Pharrell Williams does to look youthful are listed below. While you don’t necessarily need to do everything that he recommends, you should do your best to try and incorporate as many things as possible.

One of the tricks that Pharrell mentioned was exfoliating. He said he exfoliates like crazy. Actually, he claims to, “Exfoliate like a madman,” and in addition to doing that, he drinks a ton of water. Getting rid of all that dead skin can do a lot for your skin. It actually helps kickstart the cell reproduction process.

According to the Huffington Post, Pharrell Williams took the time to specifically mention some of the skincare products that he uses. Apparently, Pharrell uses something known as the Glytone self-foaming cleanser which might be one of the main factors that keep his skin looking perfect.

After using the foaming cleanser, he then uses a clearing toner followed by a moisturizer. These are all things that his dermatologist has recommended.

One other major factor is the fact that a famous supermodel pulled him aside and gave him advice that he would never forget. Naomi Cambell mentioned to him years ago that he needed to stop using drugstore skin care brands and instead opt for dermatologist recommended products.

We really have to agree with Naomi Cambell there. She’s not out of line mentioning the importance of investing in skin care products versus just taking the cheap route. Whatever you do, if you don’t take any action, then you’re really in trouble.

Are you looking for information on how to connect with a local dermatologist? Then my suggestion would be to check out this article. Assuming that you’re more curious to learn about the cost of them, then I suggest you check out the page here.

Assuming that you’re like many of the people living today in fear of aging, then you need to take action right away to stop the aging process. Trust me, taking action today makes a world of a difference, especially if you’re in your 20s or early 30s.

Pharrell Williams Has A Skin Care Routine You Need To Know About
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