Peyton List Shares Health + Skin Care Advice


Some people don’t take care of their skin at all and others go above and beyond to keep their entire bodies working and looking in tip top shape. Peyton List is one of those people that takes pride in her body and overall skin health. I came across a few secrets that she recently shared and I thought it was a great day to let the cat out of the bag here at!

peyton list skin care tips
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Peyton List Shares Her Skin Secrets

The famous Bunk’d actress is no stranger to the glitz and glam these days. She needs to come with her A-game when it comes to being in tip top shape and blemish free. Peyton shared a few of her secrets the other day at a launch party for one of Clinique’s newest products. She was asked by Twist Magazine, what her morning routine was like. Thankfully, we are able to share the scoop with you here! According to Twist, Peyton said that she wakes up in the morning, stretches and drinks lots of water. She then washes her face and puts on moisturizer. Yes, the moisturizer she uses does contain SPF.

Another thing that she relieved was that she works out at least four times each week. If she doesn’t work out, she said that it can lead to her feeling depressed. I have to say that I can personally completely agree with her on that! It’s so important to keep our bodies movie and fueled appropriately as well.

Now, there is one trick that she mentioned which we at are huge advocates of and that’s eye cream. Peyton puts eye cream on every morning and it’s one of her so called “skin savers” that she regularly relies on in order to keep her skin looking great.

Lastly, it seems like Peyton List really prides herself on routine in order to take care of her body. It’s not all that common for people to want to establish a routine at such a young age, but Peyton seems to have successfully done so. I think we all thrive off of our own routines and that routine may be more systematic for some than others but it’s definitely important to try and establish and much easier to successfully achieve results if we’re able to get into a solid routine.

Before purchasing any of the skin care products that Peyton referenced or suggested, I’d personally recommend reading a few product reviews before using anything. You can never be too careful when it comes to skin care and keeping your body healthy.

Peyton List Shares Health + Skin Care Advice
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