Peter Thomas Roth Products

If you have visited the beauty section of Nordstrom then there’s a good chance you have seen Peter Thomas Roth products being showcased in the department. This is a well-known skin and beauty brand that many people know about.

Peter Thomas Roth created the company in 1993. The official name of his company is the Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care Company. For those of you not familiar with who Mr. Roth is, he is a Hungarian man that grew up in the industry. His father was that operator of a spa and hotel.

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Peter Thomas Roth Review And Product Overview

He began to develop a strong interest in skin care at a very young age. His interest drew him to want to treat his own skin issues. Peter Thomas Roth had acne, sunspots, very fine line and many other skin issues. It’s quite possible that his own skin issues created even more of a desire to want to create the most potent and effective skin products that money could buy.

The brand was launched over two decades ago. The first brand launch consisted of products that were created with his Hungarian traditions and scientific advancements being the forefront of the line. He believes in creating nothing other than products that have been formulated to provide earth shattering results. It’s no secret that Peter Thomas Roth is a huge believer in doing things that would make him a revolutionary within the industry. The company has more than 100 products on the market today with no sign of slowing down.

I’m going to be focusing on one particular product line in this review, the Un-Wrinkle line. Within this line, you will find a few different products such as the Un-Wrinkle serum, peel pads, lip treatment, toning lotion and more. At this time the line contains about 18 products. The products within this line are said to be created by the formation and blending of peptides. Each of the products within the Un-Wrinkle line are simple alternatives to Botox. Meaning, they are a pain-free alternative for those that may not like needles.

The Un-Wrinkle Product Line

If you’re interested in getting rid of any fine lines or wrinkles on your face then you might want to check out the Un-Wrinkle line. These products are supposed to help reduce lines, wrinkles, and even help keep your skin hydrated.

If you take a second to browse the company website, you will notice that their tagline reads, “Breakthrough Formulas. Astonishing Results.” This leads me to believe that they take pride in creating advanced formulas that will help make consumers skin look younger, healthier, and clearer. I can’t personally say whether or not that’s truly the case but that’s the read I’m getting from it.

As far as ingredients are concerned, the Un-Wrinkle line has products that contain peptides in combination with natural extracts and antioxidants. You will also find ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and vitamin C within the un-wrinkle products. Of course, there are many other skin care ingredients that each of these products contains. If you’re interested in learning the rest of the ingredients, it would be best to read the labels of each product to determine which each contains before making any purchase.

What’s Good And What’s Bad?

There are a few good things about this brand that I must mention. For starters, the products are widely available at almost any major beauty retailer. They are also conveniently available for purchase through the company website. The product lines that Peter Thomas Roth carries is beyond extensive. There is a huge chance that if you have a specific skin issue, he has developed a product to help you with that issue. Another plus is that all the ingredients seem to be listed on all the products. Not all skin care brands are doing that today and I love that they are completely upfront about what their products contain.

However, there may be some downsides to this brand. Please keep in mind that I’m not stating this is brand isn’t good. I’m merely pointing out factual observations that have been made. If licensing is important to you then you may have an issue with Peter Thomas Roth not being a licensed dermatologist. He and his family do have a long history and likely have experience in this field but he is not licensed.

Another concern for some consumers may be that the products contain parabens. These parabens have been known to irritate the skin of users. If you have sensitive skin then you may want to avoid products that contain ay parabens. It has also been said that these products may cause your skin to become sensitive to sunlight. In the event that you decide to use the products, you may be required to apply additional sunscreen to further protect your body from sun damage. I cannot confirm this as I’m simply making suggestions based on what I’ve read and researched about the brand.


With regards to the Un-Wrinkle line, Peter Thomas Roth seems to have created a product line that is widely used and is well respected within the industry. It’s readily available at many locations and the line does offer a few small sized products at affordable prices.

Overall, can I say that I recommend you use this anti-wrinkle line over others? I truthfully cannot. The reason I cannot is because it’s not my place to recommend that you use any of the Peter Thomas Roth products. Instead, I strongly suggest that you take any of the products to your local dermatologist and have him professional evaluate the product. Ask your doctor whether or not this is a good solution for you. Afterall, they are the licensed experts in this field.

Peter Thomas Roth Products
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