Peeling Lips

Keeping your lips from peeling isn’t absolutely impossible, but it takes a little bit of work. If you want to keep your lips kissable and perfect, then you need to read this.

Many people suffer from dry, cracked lips that are peeling and quite painful. If you’re having these issues, then you’ll want to read this article and use it as a guideline. Doing so will teach you how to fix your peeling lips and bring those lips back to health.

The skin on the lips is very thin, sensitive and easily damaged. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your lips. Aside from being painful if untreated, it can lead to sores, infections and much more even.

peeling lipsWhat Causes Peeling Lips?

Many times when people are under stress, they bite their lips. Believe it or not, they do this unaware of the fact that they are even biting them. Consistently biting your lips will damage the skin. It will cause your lips to crack and eventually, small patches of your lip skin will start peeling off. The peeling of the skin can be unpleasant and at times quite painful.

Cold, dry weather causes the lips to dry out, leaving them cracked and exposed to further drying and more damage. Severe exposure to sunlight can also dry and damage the lips. If a person gets overly dehydrated, then a sure indicator of this is dryness and cracked skin.

It’s pretty ugly, to say the least…

Some people try using the wrong products and as a result, they have allergic reactions making matters much worse.

Using lipstick or liners can cause an allergic reaction and cause dry and cracked lips. A cracked lip is very prone to peeling, and in severe cases bleeding, inflammation and even infection. Trust me, this is about as bad as it gets!

Another reason why the skin on your lips cracks is due to being too dry. The skin gets especially dry if constantly licked, as the moisture that is left behind evaporates, further drying results. It’s actually a vicious cycle. The dried lips crack and start to peel. Then the dryness is immediately felt and instead of applying a soothing lip balm (not EOS, please), most people continue to lick the lips, thus worsening the situation.

How To Prevent Lips From Peeling

If you don’t take good care of your lips, you will have dry, cracked lips almost monthly or even weekly, I’m sure of it. To prevent peeling, cracking and dry lips, you can do several things, the most important one being not to bite your lips. If you stop biting your lips, then they will heal pretty quickly. However, should you choose not to stop, then you’re in trouble.

One thing you must remember is to not pull on your skin as you will damage the skin further, leaving an open wound on the lip. The pain and discomfort will follow you for a couple of days until the lips have enough time to heal.

Also, do not lick your lips too often. The saliva damages the skin, leaving it dry and cracking is inevitable. To prevent this, don’t lick your lips, instead use chapstick or a high-quality lip balm that will retain the moisture of the lips.

Lip Balm Is A Necessity

To properly moisturize your lips, you need to use proper care in the form of lip balm or petroleum jelly. These protect the lips by sealing in the moisture and prevent dryness and peeling of the skin.

To prevent dry lips, you will need to properly hydrate your body. If your body is dehydrated, then the lips will suffer first. So, drink plenty of fluids during the day if you wish to keep the natural moisture levels up.

In the case of dry lips, abstain from using lipstick as it can further damage the skin. Instead, use a lip balm that will nourish your lips, and you can experiment with slightly colored lip balms that will protect the lips, but still add a nice look to your lips.

Treating Peeling Lips

When the damage is done and your lips start peeling, that’s the exact time when you must take adequate measures and properly treat your lips.

Some people like to take the natural route and that’s fine if you’re on that path. If so, you can make your own lip balm using a blend of honey, sugar and olive oil. Apply this to your lips, and thank me later. Keep it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water. By repeating this several times a week you will rejuvenate your lips and put the moisture back into your lips. This will most likely bring them back to health and after they fully heal, regularly applying lip balm or petroleum jelly will help keep your skin perfect.

Another home remedy that is effective in treating dry, cracked lips is a blend with lemon juice and sugar. Sounds strange, I know, but supposedly it works like a charm. This compound should be kept on for about 10 minutes and then rinsed off with cold water. Your lips will become soft, moisturized and healthy.

In severe cases, dry and damaged lips can be treated with a mix of chapstick (melted down) and olive oil. The mix needs to be heated to a warm temperature and then applied as a balm to the lips. This too should be left on the lips for about 10 minutes, and then carefully washed off with warm water. After every treatment, you should apply lip balm to protect the lips. A couple of days later you will notice significant changes in the skin of your lips.

Summing Things Up…

The health of your lips is very important. Dry and cracked lips peel very easily and this can hurt quite a bit. So in order to prevent this, one should be careful and take good care of them. If no, you’ll be sorry.

I’ve covered a ton of products in the past, some of which are lip balms. You should definitely do a search around to check out all the related articles.

Also, the home remedies mentioned here are easy and very simple to apply. For the most part, unless an allergy is present, they have no negative effects and really might work. Next time you feel your lips start drying or cracking, do not touch the cracked skin, do not peel it and immediately apply your favorite lip balm. Keep it stupid simple, take action and thank me later!

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