Paula’s Choice Creates Exfoliant 101 Infographic To Help Educate Consumers


Paula’s Choice is a pretty well-known skin care line and I’m sure that you’ve heard of them. They create a number of products in over a dozen categories to address many skin concerns. They’ve also recently created an infographic that will help further educate you on why exfoliating is so important. Here are some things about exfoliating that Paula’s Choice will make you aware of.

paulas choice exfoliant 101

Exfoliating 101 Facts From Paula’s Choice

For starters, the infographic starts out by stating that exfoliation is a game-changer when it comes to a skin care routine. According to Paula’s Choice, it’s quite common for healthy, young skin to literally shed billions of skin cells every single day. However, the more damaged your skin becomes from too much sun exposure as well as aging, the ability for your body to naturally exfoliate becomes more difficult.

If you’re wondering why you should exfoliate, I’m going to give you a few reason that will keep you focused on accomplishing the task daily. When you don’t exfoliate, skin cells build up and they can clog pores, cause breakouts, and may even be one of the reasons your skin is dry.

Don’t worry, exfoliating dating can help reduce the number of breakouts, unclog your pores and can leave your skin looking clearer and younger.

If you’re not sure what exfoliating does, it’s simple. Exfoliating simply removes the layers of cells that have built up over time with the inability to shed itself. If you think I’m referring to those scrubs here, you’re wrong. Some scrubs can actually damage your skin, causing your condition to worsen. The exfoliants that Paula’s Choice recommends that you use are those which you leave on that contain BHA or AHA. The question is, which one is best for you to use?

Well, if you have oily or acne prone skin, you’ll want to use an exfoliant that contains BHA (salicylic). Using an exfoliant with that contains BHA may also help better treat blackheads too. If you tend to have dry or damaged skin from too much sun exposure, then you’ll want to use an exfoliant that contains AHA (glycolic/lactic). Using a product that contains AHA can help better exfoliate the surface of your skin without further damaging the already dry skin. AHA also assists in the ability to further increase the moisture levels of your skin as well as leaving your skin smooth.

The most important thing to note here is simply the importance of incorporating the use of an exfoliate in your daily skin care regimen. Below is the infographic created and published by Paula’s Choice. Check it out!

paula's choice exfoliant infographic
Credit: Paula’s Choice Infographic created by the skin care line.
Paula’s Choice Creates Exfoliant 101 Infographic To Help Educate Consumers
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