Paris Hilton Launches Anti Aging Brand ProD.N.A.


We’ve been obsessed with a lot of celebs. Not me personally, but loves communicating with celebrities of all types. Smokey Robinson’s brand launch was one of our favorites thus far. We can’t get enough of their skin care tips. There’s a new celeb to add to the list too, Paris Hilton! She’s done a lot of things over the span of her career and she’s certainly worn a lot of hats.

I don’t know where to even begin. She’s been a fragrance creator, reality TV star, DJ, designer and more. Now she’s a skin care brand owner!

That’s Hot, right?

LOL, I had to say it. Okay, so you’re probably wondering what she’s launched. The brand name is Pro D.N.A. and it’s a unisex brand.

ProD.N.A. Paris Hilton Skin Care

Paris Hilton Reveals ProD.N.A. Skin Care Line

How exactly did Paris Hilton go about launching this brand? Well, none other than hitting every social media channel that exists today! She’s a beast on every channel too. I’m sure I don’t need to mention that, but her Instagram account boasts 9 million followers alone.

When she first posted about this launch, she did so, starting with Instagram and it got her more than 100,000 likes in less than a week. That’s crazy huh! That’s posting on her own IG account. As for the brand, she’s already got 78,000 followers on IG over there. Needless to say, she’s got marketing down and gets it perfectly. I mean, this post says it all right…

More About The Launch…

Paris Hilton’s brand ProD.N.A. currently offers a range of four products. The products which they offer are the Dual Action Cleansing Gel which obviously is meant to help cleanse your skin and rid it of all that dirt and grime. Then there’s the Face and Décolletage Cream which obviously helps with keeping your face and decollete are wrinkle-free. Most people completely neglect the decollete area and we’re always preaching how important it is to keep this area moisturized and cared for.

They also offer something called the Recover Serum, another anti-aging serum that fights those wrinkles, lines, and aging blemishes. Last but not least, the line has the Lift and Firm Eye Cream. As you know, were HUGE eye cream fans and couldn’t possibly be more excited about this product launch.

As for pricing, the products are actually quite affordable. You can get your hands on these gems for anywhere between $29 and $115. The higher priced products contain ingredients like caviar and diamond powder.

I should also mention that Paris Hilton launched a product called Unicorn Mist which was a spray that helps you set your makeup for the day.

Is she going to be successful? I don’t even think that’s a question. There’s no doubt about it, Paris will be successful in this and just about anything she does. Afterall, she’s got a billion-dollar fragrance line. If that’s not “success,” then I don’t know what is, really.

Interested in trying the products out? You can pick up the products on Each purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and it’s a no hassle return policy based on my research. Give the products a try if you’re a Paris Hilton fan. If not, perhaps you should try them anyway. They may be the answer to your bad aging skin.

Paris Hilton Launches Anti Aging Brand ProD.N.A.
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