Paris Hilton Facial Secret That Keeps Her Looking Fab!


Before Kim Kardashian was even a little popular, there was another social media influencer that took the Internet and Hollywood by storm. That’s right, it was none other than Paris Hilton. As far as I’m concerned, she was the socialite that changed the world as we know it to be today. Okay, well maybe I went a little too far there.

Paris Hilton Facial Tips

Paris Hilton Facial Beauty Secret Revealed!

However, she did pave a clear path for social media celebs of today and there’s plenty that we can learn from her. For starters, Paris Hilton is no longer perceived as the “rich ditzy brat” that so many looked at her as. She’s since transformed her life into a life of business and money. In fact, she’s got what most would consider a brand worth billions.

With great business comes great responsibility. She must look her best at all times if she wants to succeed. Don’t get it wrong, the 35-year-old doesn’t look perfect because she’s got great genetics. It certainly takes more than that to continue to look stunning at 35.

Paris Hilton shared some information with New Beauty spilling the beans on what she does to keep her skin looking perfect. Two words for you, oxygen facials! She recently stated to in an interview, “I love oxygen facials,” while also mentioning that she gets this type of treatment three times per week.

That’s not the only thing the hotel heiress is doing these days to look great. Apparently, she’s also a huge fan of microdermabrasion facials as well as 24-karat gold face masks.

As you know, oxygen masks are great for your skin, helping to increase collagen production and boost elasticity.

Paris has one thing to say about skin in general and we could agree more. Her one piece of advice is to invest in your skin. Any other approach is just plain silly.

For those not familiar with what an oxygen facial is, we’ve done our best to explain it here, I can give you a quick rundown of how it works.

Let me start by saying that oxygen facials are super powerful treatments that have essentially become a top treatment for many women today. These types of facials were first introduced back in 2002 by an Australian company called Intraceuticals. The procedure is quite simple really. It consists of applying a wand that emits 95% oxygen on your face for roughly 30 minutes or more.

Most oxygen facial sessions cost anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on the location and technology they’re using. They recovery time is almost unheard of in comparison to other facials and I suggest getting this procedure done at least once if you can.

Assuming that this isn’t all that appealing to you, or if you’re looking for something more invasive, you can always turn to some of the strange facial treatments that Kim Kardashian West gets on the regular. Some of us are gluttons for punishment and need a bit of pain in our lives to feel like we’re making progress. That goes for caring for our┬áskin!

Paris Hilton Facial Secret That Keeps Her Looking Fab!
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