Oxygen Facial

Over the past few years, using oxygen treatments for the skin has become a top priority. Many skin care professionals have finally learned that treating the skin with this vital ingredient is necessary for skin health.

You can find oxygen in many of today’s top skin care products including oxygen spray treatments, creams containing oxygen, and they are now even offering oxygen inhalation as a viable resource for health and beauty aid.

Why is an Oxygen Facial Such a Powerful Skin Care Treatment?

As you can imagine, there are so many wonderful benefits to using oxygen facials as a regular part of your ongoing skin care routine. This powerful treatment is so awesome for the following reasons:

  • Recovery time for this treatment is incredibly fast – yes, it’s true. Recovery time needed to heal from oxygen facials is a lot less than some of the other types of facials. In fact, the recovery is immediate. With a normal facial, you’ll have to wait for several hours to pass before you apply anything to your face (lotion, makeup, etc.). The oxygen facial is different. You can immediately begin applying lotion and makeup to your face as soon as you’re ready.
  • There are no painful and unnecessary side effects with this treatment – one of our favorite things about the oxygen facial is that when treated using this method, you don’t have to suffer needlessly, like you do when getting microdermabrasion treatment as an example. With this therapy, there are no side effects at all. So there’s no need to worry about potential stinging, discomfort, burning or itching. No need to feel fear if you have sensitive skin. And since it requires no needles, you do not have to worry about the potential fear of needles either. This is a safe and effective therapy that anyone can use to develop beautiful, flawless skin. Just like when you were younger.
  • You, your friends, coworkers, and family members will notice the benefits of this procedure instantly – a favorite of ours is the fact that the benefits of oxygen facials are noticed almost instantly. Many men and women who have undergone this treatment have reported looking and feeling younger as soon as the treatment was through. They notice softer, brighter, and younger looking skin. Many have claimed that their skin was even glowing immediately after this procedure. To look your best, an oxygen facial is definitely a big winner and a helpful treatment.
  • Cell growth promotion through oxygen and vitamin infusion – during the oxygen facial, the skin care specialist is going to infuse the o2 with vitamins. This step is important because it helps to promote the growth of skin cells and collagen. It also has a cleansing effect on the skin, to help fight against certain pollutants including tobacco smoke and unclean air.
  • Cheaper than Botox – we are not trying to tell you that this procedure is cheap, because it’s not. But when compared with Botox, oxygen facials are actually the cheaper of the two. We just wanted to point this out.

Have you had an oxygen facial?  If so, we’d love to hear about it.


Oxygen Facial
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