Oud Is One Of The Most Expensive Skin Care Ingredients On The Planet


Although it is mostly used in perfumes, Oud is one of the rarest ingredients on the planet. It is an extremely rare resin that takes up to one hundred years to form inside the heart wood of the ancient Agarwood tree. Oud occurs as part of the natural defense mechanism that the trees expunge when they are infected by a certain fungus. The greater the infection the more resin is produced.

The ratio of the infected trees is around ten to one. Oud is very popular in the Middle East. It has a heady, earthy scent common of many ingredients in the finest perfumes. Oud offers an extensive list of benefits and has been used for hundreds of years. It is one of the oldest essential oils ever used. There have been many religious texts about it. The use of it dates back many centuries to the times of Jesus Christ.

Agarwood trees are used to harvest oud

Oud Costs $9000 Per Kilo

Lord Buddha referred to burning Agarwood as the scent of Nirvana. It was known as the Divine Tree. But no trees are actually harmed in the extraction of the all important resin. Oud is sourced at $9000 per kilogram. Because of this it is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world. It has enormous benefits for aromatherapy. This includes the amazing emotional release that it provides. Treatment with it has said to caused teary eyes.

Oud is also very calming and for that reason it is used specifically for stress related issues and post travel. It is also used to assist with poor digesting or digestive tract issues and to bring focus and clarity to the mind and to support meditation. It helps with breathing conditions brought on by anxiety and can help awake than third eye. It is primarily found in spa treatments to but will likely be used in skin care and fragrances more now that it is becoming popular.

Oud Is One Of The Most Expensive Skin Care Ingredients On The Planet
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