Origins Night-A-Mins Review

How many times have you heard me say how utterly important it is to moisturize in the evening before bed? Taking care of your skin at night is one of the most critical tasks that you could possibly complete. That said, I’m going to be sharing some information on the Origins Night-A-Mins renewal cream. For those in question, yes, it’s a play on words that they’re shooting for. My guess is that they were hoping that subconsciously the word “vitamins” may pop into your head. Clever marketing I must admit. Let’s jump right into things here…
Origins Night-A-Mins Night Cream

What Is Night-A-Mins Cream?

This Night-A-Mins product made by Origins is exactly what you think it is, a night cream. Is it one of the best? I wouldn’t go that far as to making that statement just yet. Let me first explain how night creams work. During your evening skin care regimen, once you’ve finished your cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and everything else, there’s a step which includes you applying a moisturizing cream at night just before bed. This is where the Night-A-Mins product comes into play.

Whatever you decide to use in the evening, it should really be a thicker consistency than your daytime products. Reason being, it helps improve saturation rates and absorption of product ingredients.

The Night-A-Mins is said to help hydrate your skin with cream that’s safe for your pores and without leaving that oily film feeling on your skin.

This product has three staple vitamins which make it so popular. I’ll do my best to explain each of them and why they’ve been included in this night cream.

Vitamins In The Origins Skin Night Cream

The three main vitamins in the cream have been listed below, along with a number of other ingredients. For a full list of ingredients, you’ll need to visit the company website.

Vitamin C

As you know, vitamin C is perhaps the best and most potent ingredient when it comes to skin care in general. If you’re even a novice when it comes to skin care, you know how powerful this vitamin truly can be for your skin. It’s no doubt a powerful ingredient and one that can be found in many top tier serums today.

It works so well because it has ascorbic acid in it. This is powerful enough to drastically boost antioxidant levels.

You’ve probably heard me talk about how great this is for healing damaged skin, and reducing the presence of free radicals that exist. It’s all part of the process and they’ve nailed it with this ingredient.

Vitamin E

Next on deck, the infamous vitamin E, which is gosh darn fantastic for both your hair and skin. There are antioxidant factors involved with vitamin E too and it’s able to successfully fight those pesky free radicals until the cows come home. Not only that, it’s capable of also eliminating negative factors that can lead to skin damage in general.

What type of damage do you ask?

Well, things link fine lines, saggy skin, extra wrinkles, excessively dry patches of skin and more. When damage like this kicks in, it can make you look really aged and weathered. It’s often the case that the damage is done and people think there is no turning back. Good news is that there’s always a chance. This vitamin is the one that’ll have you looking younger than ever before. Of course, it’s a combination and formula that matters most but you get the point.

Vitamin H

What makes this night cream unique is the inclusion of vitamin H. You don’t see this vitamin named on many skin care ingredients in general. It’s this ingredient that helps further nourish your skin. Have you ever heard of biotin? It’s commonly found in egg yolks and egg whites. Well, this is the vitamin that I’m referring to when speaking of vitamin H.

Vitamin H does a great job of smoothing your skin and protecting it from toxins. Given that toxins typically cause damage at the cellular level, you’ll want to do your best to find a product that also protects at the cellular level. Vitamin H might help with that.

If you’re objective is to get rid of really fine lines in your skin, then make sure you’re getting an adequate serving of Biotin or that your night cream contains vitamin H. When all else fails, I guess you can switch to Night-A-Mins by Origins.

Other Ingredients

Some of the other ingredients that this product contains are magnesium, calcium, essential oils, chestnut extract, and wheat germ. Each of which plays a separate role in protecting and rejuvenating your skin while you sleep.


Sleeping is super important for your skin as it helps reduce your stress levels. It allows your skin to recoup and repair from the harsh environment it’s been subjected to throughout the day. Whether you are willing to try Night-A-Mins by Origins or another product, I want you to promise me one thing. Please make sure that you use some form of night cream or moisturizer on a daily basis. Your face will thank you years down the road, trust me.

Origins Night-A-Mins Review
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