Orig3n Genetic Test Helps Determine Best Skin Care Routine


Allergists have been using tests for years in an attempt to help detect what people are most allergic to and what they should avoid. Is it possible that a genetic test can now be used to detect the best skin care routine for your skin? Ask Orig3n if it is!

orig3n genetic skin care test
Genetic Beauty and Skin Care Test revealed at CES in Las Vegas.

Orig3n Genetic Swab Test Revealed at CES

According to a new Biotech Company, it’s possible and they are making it happen today. As one of the exciting vendors showcasing their latest and greatest step towards enhanced technology, Orig3n revealed a genetic testing process at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas last week.

This type of activity that once seemed like a fantasy many years in advance is now a reality. The recently introduced test by Orig3n is called AURA and it’s a genetic beauty test.

This test is said to help detect the number of times you need to moisturize, the amount of sunscreen you should be applying and other skin care products. It seems next to impossible but the biotech firm behind it believes that it’s very real, the question is, do you believe as well?

Here’s how it works. First things first, you need to purchase the test for $99.00 and it’s supposedly assists in providing better insight into your skin and any issues that may be present. The test has four key aspects that it covers such as aging, hydration, elasticity, and UV sensitivity in order to help determine the best skin care routine for you. The test is meant to be used to help guide you in making skin care regimen decisions either on your own or with your dermatologist.

The AURA report is said to go above and beyond the typical skin classification types: oily, acne, dry, or combination.

Now, what on earth makes Orig3n’s credible enough to get into this space? Well, according to my research, they’ve been collecting blood testing samples for quite some time now and they’re no strangers to regenerative research and medicine. In fact, they offer individuals the opportunity to store their own cells in a database in the event that they wish to try and cure any diseases.

If you’re interested in getting tested, you certainly can. All you have to do is visit the Orig3n’s AURA webpage and order the test. You’ll have to make a payment via PayPal and then wait for your kit to arrive. Simply follow the instructions and send your kit back to Orig3n. Within three to four weeks your report will be mailed back to you. It’s a painless cheek swab test that takes two seconds. If you’re looking to splurge and learn more about yourself then I’d suggest taking the test. The other option is to spend the $99.00 on a product that you already know works!

Orig3n Genetic Test Helps Determine Best Skin Care Routine
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