Are you a fan or foe of direct selling? Within the beauty and skin care industry it’s one of the most widely used selling methods known to date. A Swedish beauty company has the direct selling title on their eye as they’re trying to become the best of the best, simple as that. Oriflame is a direct selling beauty brand that’s been dominating the scene for close to fifty years, with no stopping in sight.

oriflame brand review
Credit: Courtesy of the Oriflame.com Website

What’s The Story Behind Oriflame?

The story behind the Oriflame company is certainly a unique one. The company is an international company that’s been a direct seller within the skin and beauty industry for years. The brand was officially established back in 1967. They went from a humble start to being sold in over 60 countries all over the world. The company is no stranger to sales either. They sell $1.5B annually in sales. I’m not even sure what company I’d compare them to in terms of product depth. Perhaps something like L’Oreal or maybe La Mer but it’s tough to say really.

If you’re looking for a typical cosmetic company, you should look elsewhere. Why? Because based on my research, the Oriflame cosmetics company produces solutions which have been referred to as life-changing.

Assuming you’re looking to completely revamp your beauty routine or maybe you’re looking for business opportunities as a beauty professional then this is likely something you’ll be interested in. Given that the core of the Oriflame brand gives ample opportunity for professionals and skin care advocates to both distribute and utilize products, it’s a good choice for those that are looking do something for their skin or wallet. The Oriflame is brand basically gives lots of people the ability to use natural products to make money as beauty and skin consultants.

Business Model Behind The Oriflame Company

The business model is quite simple here. All Oriflame does is create innovative products and provides incentives for people to directly sell the products that they make. All this leads to better-looking skin and financial gain. Simple as that really. The brand has been building their expertise for close to five decades and they’ve worked with more than a hundred scientists to produce the most advanced cosmetic products in the nicest facilities money can buy.

What they do is create a development system in order to produce high caliber products that perform well. The entire line starts at the Oriflame Skin Research Institute where there is a lot of research, science, and technology that gets put into play in order to form products. Scientists end up rounding things out and putting the final touches on product formulas before they end up going out for consumers. The manufacturing process, as well as the packaging process, is completed and products then hit the hands of direct sellers.

One other thing that Oriflame does is they are completely dedicated to giving back to the community. By that, I mean that they contribute to multiple charities such as the SOS Children’s Villages and others.

The Products

Looking for information on the products, then we’ve got you covered. There certainly is no shortage of products here as they produce 1,000 beauty and skin products. The company has literally covered every single aspect that you can possibly think of in terms of product category. I’ll try and cover each of the areas in a little more detail.

Skin Care – This division of the company is responsible for delivering sin products that contain nothing but the highest quality natural ingredients on the market today. The ranges within this product category are wide, meeting many types of skin and the needs that are associated with each type. One of the most popular product types is the Nourishing Night Cream. This particular product helps best deliver moisture and better hydrate the skin as you sleep throughout the night. You’ll find that there are many other great night creams on the market, but this one is a top-notch product as well.

Makeup – The makeup category is also a very popular category which is mostly designed to help improve the natural beauty that women try to showcase so often. You’ll find that the company creates a number of products such as foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, primer, bronzer, nail polish, mascara, lipstick, and more. Basically, in terms of makeup, there is something that just about every woman can find on at Oriflame. I’d be shocked if they said that they were unable to find something that meets their needs.

One of the major products within the line is that ONE Lash Resistance Mascara. It’s a waterproof product that’s meant to add volume and length to women’s eyelashes, all for 24 hour period. Give it a shot to see how it looks. Another option is to try one of their nail polishes. The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish seems to be a go-to product in terms of options for people looking to add flavor to their nail beds.

Fragrance – Last but not least is the Oriflame fragrances. They have a number of fragrances that they offer which have been developed in France, the most prominent fragrance area on the planet. They create a plethora of fragrances and scents which appeal to many different types of consumers.

All in all, the Oriflame company is one that has so much to offer and at such a low cost. There’s ample opportunity for consumers to make money selling this brand as well as improve their skin and beauty.

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