Stay In Line: Order To Properly Apply Skin Care Products


You’ve heard it before if you’ve watched Judge Judy or Judge Mathis. “Order in the courtroom,” is a typical saying! Well, I’m yelling out “order” in the application line today!

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people share the order that they apply skin care products to their face. On quite a few occasions, it has left me shaking my head and thinking to myself…what on earth! I’m here to share the recommended order of applying skin care products. You might be doing it all wrong! If you think I’m the only one that’s giving you this type of advice, you’re wrong. Even Marie Claire¬†shares the same philosophy when it comes to applying product.

Order To Apply Skin Products
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The Correct Order To Apply Products

Here’s a quick rundown of the specific order that I recommend you apply products to your skin. Of course, everyone has their own style and routine but this works for most that I know and it will likely produce the best results as well.

High-Quality Cleanser
I typically recommend that you always start with a high-quality cleanser. It’s the first level of defense in keeping your skin clean and healthy. You’ll want to do your best to not take the cheap route when it comes to cleansers. Whatever you do, make sure you’re using on first thing in the morning.

Use A Toner
After you have thoroughly washed your face, you’re going to want apply a nice toner to your face. A really nice toner should help further hydrate your freshly washed skin. This is a must, especially if you’re prone to dry skin.

Serum To The Rescue
If your¬†skin is just feeling a bit “blah” then you’re going to want to incorporate a serum. Serums are incredible and I find that serums that contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin c work the very best for me. That just meets my own needs. The takeaway here is that if you’re going to incorporate one into your routine, this is the stage to do so. Just make sure you’re apply a product that’s suitable for your skin.

Moisturizer Time
Want to really do wonders for your skin? Apply your moisturizer after your serum and you’re already ahead of the game. It’s what I like to refer to as an extra layer of good skin care practice. Keeping your skin moist and sealing it in, this type of product is pretty awesome and it just works (if you’re using a good one)!

Apply The Eye Cream
I always apply eye cream immediately following the application of a moisturizer. It’s second to last thing I do before I walk out the door and lots of individuals I know that have great skin take the same approach. But you can’t forget the sunscreen…

Sunscreen with SPF
If you’re leaving the house with applying a sunscreen that contains SPF 40 then you’re doing an injustice to your skin. This is a crucial step when it comes to skin care. Do not skip this step under any circumstances!

Well, that’s a quick rundown of the approach I suggest one taking if they want to see some serious results when it comes to their skin. Now that we got that over with, we can focus on preparing for the weekend, which is just around the corner!

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Stay In Line: Order To Properly Apply Skin Care Products
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