One n Only Argan Oil For Hair

I’ve been preaching about argan oil for quite some time now. It’s a fantastic oil that many people incorporate into their daily skin care routines. Some people even use it in their hair! For the sheer convenience and power that it exerts, many people purchase products designed to improve their hair. One of the products is called One n Only Argan Oil.

This particular hair product is made by a company called One and Only. I know, pretty obvious right! They’re a product manufacturer and online retail company that sells lots of hair products. Some of the products they make are conditioner, shampoo, hair curlers, even blow dryers and the ever-popular flat hair irons. They also sell other types of hair treatments. That’s not all though. You’ll quickly learn that they sell skin care products as well. All you need to do is venture over to the online store and you’ll see that they sell argan oil skin masks which restore and rehydrate your skin.

One very important thing you need to know about the One n Only Argan Oil is that the product is not made with 10)% argan oil. However, it is the most popular product that the company makes today.

What does it do exactly? I’m glad you asked…

The product successfully helps protect your hair from becoming dry. It also helps protect it from UV rays which can be very harmful. Whether you have severly damaged hair or healthy hair, you’ll want to check this product out. It can be used in both cases.

One n Only Argan Oil Review

More About One n Only Argan Oil

Interested in learning more about the One ‘n Only Argan Oil? Great, then I’m going to share as much information as possible with you. For starters, the product comes in four different sizes which vary from 0.25 ounces to 8 ounces. The price of course varies depending on the size of the products. It can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to up to $20 roughly.

The argan oil is packaged in a nice translucent bottle made out of plastic. Due to the fact that the products are exposed to sunlight, you’ll want to take care to store them out of the sun in a cool and dry place. Don’t leave it on the bathroom windowsill where it can get lots of exposure to light. Avoid all UV ray exposure at all times during the daytime. This will help better preserve the product and make it last longer for you.

You’ll notice that the One and Only Argan Oil contains more than just one ingredient. My advice would be to take a close look at the ingredients and start with purchasing a small bottle of product. See how your hair reacts to the product and if you like the effects of it, please feel free to purchase a larger bottle. However, before doing any of that you should take the time to read somee of the reviews out there on the product. You’ll find many published on the web showcasing consumers feedback.

Purchasing The Product

If you’re interested in purchasing this hair product, you’re not going to be able to do so directly through the company website. Instead, you’ll need to find an authorized third-party retailer to do this. Some of the sites that do sell this is,, and Ulta. These are all acceptable retail options for purchasing the product. What you want to make sure of is that you avoid sites like eBay and Craigslist, they are a complete scam.

Before buying the product, you might want to head into the local Ulta if possible and ask them what they think about the product in general. I always suggest speaking with someone face to face when possible. They tend to give you a more personalized response and overview of the product when doing so.

The Ingredients Involved

As previously stated, there are other ingredients within the One n Only Argan Oil aside from the obvious. Additionally, you’ll find that the product contains cyclopentasiloxane which helps condition your hair, dimethicone, which is an emollient that treats dry skin, as well as parfum e.g. fragrance and some coloring. If you’re curious about the ingredients, see some of the review to get an idea as to what others have to say about them.

Using One n Only Argan Oil

Using this product is pretty simple and it’s meant for people with all types of skin. Whether you have fine, oily, dry or just normal skin, it’s a product you can consider. However, if you have thin or oily hair, it might not be the best product to incorporate into your routine. As for using the product, it’s best to use it after you’ve dried and ironed your hair.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects to using this product. Some people claim that it makes their hair feel heavy and weighted. Others say it gives off this texture feeling that’s not all that enjoyable. Honestly, it depends on the type of hair that your hair.


What I can say is that this product seems to be relatively safe and effective in general, unless you’ve got some serious allergy. If you’re skeptical or having second thoughts about using it, then bring it to your local dermatologist or primary care physician and ask them what they think about the product. There’s a good chance that they end up saying that it’s fine to use. However, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

One n Only Argan Oil For Hair
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