Omnilux New-U Review

Are you into using devices to help improve your skin? If so, then you’ll want to learn about the Omnilux New-U red light therapy. This type of therapy has been gaining popularity and traction over the years. The product that I’m about to share details on today is manufactured and sold by Omnilux.

They’ve become what many would consider being a “major player” in the light therapy equipment market. Specifically, the original product had been created for treatment sessions to be used in a professional setting such as a dermatologists office as well as a skin care spa. The New-U product is an anti aging device that’s meant for personal use in the comfort of your own home.

The device is said to help eliminate wrinkles and lines around the eyes aka crow’s feet. This light therapy device uses both near and red light therapy. The treatment is typically about 20 minutes and it costs about $195. That’s just a quick overview of the product. Keep reading for more details.

Omnilux-New U reviewsMore Details About Omnilux New-U

This light therapy device was created and designed to help fight your skin through the use of light wavelengths. The wavelengths help stimulate collagen and elastin production within the skin. The parent company behind this brand is called Photo Therapeutics and they originally only sold the first version of this product to experts and professionals within the industry. However, they decided to come out with a product that they could offer consumers directly.

The Omnilux New-U is officially available for consumers to purchase, however, I highly recommend discussing things with your dermatologist prior to using it. That’s not to say it doesn’t work or that it’s harmful. You’re just better off consulting with a professional first in my opinion.

You need to understand that the Omnilux New-U is considered to be a very strong device as is the original device as well. It’s been proven in studies to help reduce wrinkles and smooth skin.

I’m going to cover some of the pros and cons of using this product. That way you can make your own decision on whether or not this product is for you.

But first:

Here’s How It Works

It’s quite simple really. The Omnilux New-U delivers red and near-infrared light to the skin. This light helps stimulate collagen production as well as elastin. Given the fact that our bodies produce less protein as we age and they become weaker, assisting in the process can only lead to fewer wrinkles. This is where the device comes into play.

The Pros

There are some really great things about this device. For starters, the Omnilux New-U is made by a reputable company within the skin care industry. The parent company has actually sold thousands of the original device to professionals within the industry. Based on my research the company seems to be nothing other than 100% professional and serious about their product.

Unlike most light therapy devices, this one packs a mean punch by delivering two types of light, both red light and near infrared. The fact that two types of light are used means that the machine can more efficiently deliver results. The head of the device contains a whopping 90 LEDs, which is the most I believe any handheld device of this type currently holds.

Additionally, the price point on the personalized device is $195 which is less than the device sold to professionals for commercial use. It comes at a lower cost, more convenience and the same level of quality.

Some Cons

The one major downfall of using this product is that it requires you to put in the time. You’ll be required to invest a minimum of 40 minutes each week for a minimum of four weeks. Some people simply aren’t willing to put in the time, so they completely avoid using this product. I always say, if you’re not willing to put in the time, how can you expect to look good?

Where To Buy It

Assuming you’re willing to spend the money to purchase this device, you can buy it at a few different places. Many people search for it at various online retail sites. The product was once available on but it seems as though they’ve discontinued selling the product in that marketplace. Other popular skin retailers such as the Derm Store sell the device. It’s actually on sale there for $239.20 (see the image below). You’ll also find the device available for purchase on

Omnilux New-U derm store

Side Effects

When using any skin care device, you’ll find that there are some side effects associated with the using it. The good news is that not many side effects are associated with the Omnilux New-U. The light given off from the device will not cause and hyperpigmentation issues or dark spots to form like the sunlight does.

That’s not to say you 100% will not have any issues what so ever with this. There are risks associated with it but they are slim. If you’re worried about the risks, then I suggest reading up on other consumer experiences to learn more about the potential side effects.

The Reviews

Be sure to take the time to read the reviews on this product before making a purchase. You’ll find that some of them are pretty horrible while others are amazing. You can check out Amazon for reviews but the product doesn’t have that┬ámany, unfortunately. With a rating of 3.4, it’s apparently not well liked over there. I did come across some reviews and purchasing options on eBay but there is no way I can suggest using that. In fact, that might be the worst idea ever. There are so many scams out there on eBay so be very careful.


The Omnilux New-U light therapy device is a viable solution if you’re looking for some personal care device that can help improve your skin. However, it’s important to note that results vary, even with devices like this.

It’s also important that you speak with a dermatologist or physician before incorporating this personal treatment into your routine on top of topical products that you might be using.

Omnilux New-U Review
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