Olivia Wilde Shares Beauty Tips With An Infamous Magazine


Assuming you keep up with everything that’s going on in Hollywood these days, then I’m sure you know exactly who Olivia Wilde is and what she’s famous for doing. She’s definitely what many would consider an A-List celebrity with an impressive resume to boot.

One thing you might not know about Olivia Wilde is that she’s recently become the brand activist for True Botanicals, a beauty brand that prides itself on being eco-friendly. When she’s not working like crazy on the set of House, or playing the mom role at home, she’s likely shopping at Whole Foods trying to make sure she’s taking the most natural route possible. Does her natural approach impact her skin?


In fact, her approach to beauty and skin care is so clean and precise that it’s almost difficult to not want to adopt her good behaviors. To give you some more information on how Olivia Wilde operates day to day from a beauty perspective, we got a hold of an interview that she did with W Magazine recently. We feel it’s necessary for you to know a thing or two about this interview in order to get an idea as to what she does to look fantastic as possible.

Olivia Wilde Interview with W Magazine
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Tips From Olivia Wilde On Beauty, Skin, & Eco-Friendly Living

While we can’t take the credit for all this information, I think Skincare.net does deserve a little bit of credit for sniffing out some of the main points. Sure, most of what I’m about to tell you comes from W Magazine and for that, we’ll give them a big shout out! However, putting our own little spin on things and giving you the best of the best is what we’ve done here for you.

The one thing that really made a huge impact on Olivia Wilde’s life was having a baby. She took a closer look at the products she was using and became very thoughtful of them. Basically, she was more aware of the harmful chemicals that she had been using and from that point forward she put somewhat of a stop to it.

She found out about the lack of regulation in the skin care industry when she met the creators of True Botanicals. The fact that so many companies profit from the use of dangerous chemicals really bothered her a lot. For that reason alone, she likely wanted to do something about it.

One of the first attempts that she made to go organic in terms of skin care led her to the organic skin care aisle at Whole Foods. She was looking to replace those with toxic chemicals with something more organic. She, unfortunately, didn’t have much luck and most women may have the same results the first time around.

When she wasn’t able to make any progress with the Whole Foods products, she turned to those that True Botanicals made. It was not only the products but the mission behind the brand that attracted her to them. Fast forward to today and Olivia Wilde is not only a brand activist for TB because she loves them so much, but she’s also a mom that is confident enough to apply the True Botanicals products to her kid’s skin. That truly speaks volumes about the brand knowing how important avoiding chemicals is to her.

According to the article published in W Magazine, Olivia Wilde said that each episode of House started with the searching of cleaning products to determine which chemicals patients had been exposed to. Given the fact that most harsh cleaning products are filled with chemicals, it’s no shock that these toxic chemicals may cause problems. In fact, Olivia Wilde avoids all that crap and doesn’t let any of it step foot in her house. You should do the same!

Olivia Wilde Shares Beauty Tips With An Infamous Magazine
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