Olivia Palermo Shares Her Skin Care Weapon


I don’t often preach about using drugstore skin care products. That’s because I believe that if one wants to look great they need to step their skin care game up by introducing products that typically aren’t sold at drugstores. However, when a celebrity like Olivia Palermo decides to share a skin secret, I waste no time in reporting it to you all.

olivia palermo skin secret
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Olivia Palermo Swears By This Economical Product

Actress Olivia Palermo swears by a product that you can get for less than $10. According to the website Byrdie, Olivia Palermo has her own routine when it comes to covering up ugly blemishes and the product literally costs her mo more than $8.

So, what’s her big secret? Well, it’s using Cortizone 10! Olivia Palmero’s makeup artist backs Olivia incorporating this cheap product into her skin care regimen due to the smooth skin illusion that it can have.

Daniel Martin told Byrdie, that he uses Cortizone 10 on spots that might be extremely red and swollen. He uses the product before he covers the spot. What this does is it further protects the damaged skin from any additional damage that the makeup might cause.

Now, if you think that’s all Olivia Palmero uses, I’d say think again. There’s a good chance that she incorporates some high-quality skin care products into her routine on a daily basis. It just so happens to be that she also uses a cheap over the counter product to help further assist. What do you use these days? I’d love to hear what products you have in your secret weapon arsenal.

What do you use these days? I’d love to hear what products you have in your secret weapon arsenal. If you’re accustomed to using a specific economical product that may not be designed for skin care but does a great job at keeping your skin looking great, then I’d love to know about it.

Olivia Palermo Shares Her Skin Care Weapon
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