Olivia Culpo’s Beauty Stamp Secret and Three Supplements She Takes Daily


It’s not the first time that we’ve received health and beauty advice from the beautiful Olivia Culpo! In fact, we’ve been following her for quite some time and it’s all because we trust what she does. All you have to do is look at her beautiful skin and it’s easy to see that her daily regimen and beauty treatment secrets are working.

Today we’ve got something special to share with you about Olivia and it’s in regards to a small device that she’s been using lately. Turns out that Olivia is getting some help from the infamous Nurse Jamie. Olivia is just one of the many celebrity clients that Nurse Jamie has and she’s actually a bit different when it comes to treatment preferences. Many of the celebs opt for weird skin treatments but Olivia typically chooses to go for a treatment which requires the use of a so-called “beauty stamp” to help reduce the size of her pores.

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Olivia Culpo Using Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Stamp Tool

Nurse Jamie recently published a photo on her Instagram account, showcasing Olivia receiving treatment with the Beauty Stamp Micro Exfoliation Tool. What Nurse Jamie typically does is press the tool against the patient’s face in order to lift and remove any dead skin that might reside. This helps improve overall skin health, allowing products to be delivered and absorbed more efficiently.

This technique is actually quite common in dermatologist offices across the country. Some professionals are using this device to help penetrate the skin and better deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin. It’s just one of the many treatments that Olivia Culpo swears by these days. Heck, if it’s good enough for her, then it most definitely is good enough for you!

But What About Supplements?

Well, it turns out that Olivia seems to be taking pride in her overall health and wellness by consuming a few specific supplements daily.

According to a recent interview, Culpo admitted that she relies on three supplements in order to keep looking and feeling her best. Published inĀ New Beauty, Olivia Culpo stated, “Every day I take a fish oil and a multivitamin, and I also take the Olly Flawless Complexion Gummy Vitamins because they taste so good.”

My advice for anyone out there is looking to keep their hair, skin, and body in tip top shape, then follow Olivia’s every move and you’ll be that much better off!

Are there supplements that you swear by these days? Perhaps you take one specific supplement that you know helps to improve your skin, health, and just makes you feel better in general? If so, we’ve love to hear all about it. I can tell you right now that there are specific supplements that I take daily which make me feel great. I can’t live without flax seed oil and L-Carnitine. I’ve also been known to use coconut oil and a specific protein powder on a daily basis.

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There are plenty of supplements that you can take, but what’s most important is taking the right supplements that are right for your body and specific conditions. They won’t all work and some are unnecessary for certain people. Finding those that work best and sticking to the routine is what matters most.

Olivia Culpo’s Beauty Stamp Secret and Three Supplements She Takes Daily
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