Old-School Beauty Products That Just Might (Still) Work


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I turn to the elderly for advice. More often than not, it’s not just people that are my parent’s age, but grandparents age as well. Call them what you want, “Gam Gam,” “Grammy,” “Nana,” “Abuela,” the list goes on and on. It’s true that asking them for advice is bypassed too often. However, when it comes to beauty and skin, your elderly know a thing or two about this stuff.

Sure, 9 times out of 10, we’re not coming close to admitting that they know best. However, that doesn’t stop us young folks from absorbing that knowledge and using it to our personal advantage. Which is why we’re here today to drop some old school knowledge bombs on you and share what throwbacks are still working their magic in the crazy world we live in today.

old school beauty products

These Old-School Beauty Products Work (Ask Abuela!)

The first product that I want to share with you is one that many women like myself probably need. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve overdone the gel manicures. Well, doing so definitely has made my nails brittle and weak at times. Which is why sometimes I take a break from that new age technique and go straight for hardening nail polish. The most widely used hardening polish is a throwback and it’s called Quimica Alemana which costs about the same price as a Starbucks Vanilla Latte. Go get you some of that stuff and kiss those weak nails goodbye!

Next on the list is a personal fan favorite of mine. I’ve been using this old-school skin care product for as long as I can remember. It’s the official Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. I think I started using this before I even began wearing makeup. Perhaps it was on those Halloween nights when I couldn’t get that awful makeup off my face. At any rate, this moisturizing cleanser is here to stay! A cool $5 and it’s all yours.

If you’ve got an Abeula that’s been trying to tame frizzy hair for the last hundred years, then you know she’s using Sedal’s Liso Perfecto Shampoo to do so! This is by far the most popular $9 bottle of shampoo when it comes to fighting the frizz. Don’t be surprised if you see your grandmother fighting in Sedano’s over this one.

I’ve got another hair product for you that’s definitely a staple, and it comes from the Dominican Republic. The Product is called La Plancha Thermal Protection Hair Treatment. Now, if you grew up with family from the D.R. like many South Florida residents, then chances are you had a container of this in your bathroom. It’s for restoring hair that may have become damaged over time due to too much hair ironwork.

While I’m sure there are quite a few products that I’ve missed. I wanted to at least showcase those that I’m familiar with. If you find yourself in a beauty aisle with a wise, old woman, then ask her for advice. Trust me, that old school advice is timeless!

Assuming that you spend lots of time with your grandmother (why wouldn’t you) then I’d love to hear about some of the products that she still pushes on you. Especially the products that seem to work for every time! Spill the beans for gosh sakes!

Old-School Beauty Products That Just Might (Still) Work
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