Ogee Organic Skin Care Products Feature Jojoba Oil


It is often difficult to encounter organic beauty products that work as advertised and have natural skin care ingredients that can be trusted. But Ogee, a supposed certified organic luxury skin care products like says that the wait is over. Ogee uses Jojoba oil as one of the main key ingredients in its skin care products line. Jojoba oil is different from other plant oils like coconut and almond and even olive oil and argan. Lano Cosmetics uses Jojoba oil as a key ingredient also.

This is because it is key to building up the sebum in the skin according to the skin care specialists at Ogee. Jojoba oil has a unique chemical composition that allows it to help replenish and maintain moisture in the skin. All the while helping to tighten and smooth the skin. According to Ogee, Jojoba oil is non comedogenic. This means that it will not block pores. For this reason it is especially beneficial for people with acne prone or dry and sensitive skin conditions.

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Jojoba oil comes from this plant

Ogee Uses Jojoba Oil

Abbot Stark founded Ogee and he said that he is pleased to offer a skin care line with effective organic products that address serious skin care concerns. These are anti aging and wrinkle reduction. Because of the skin care product ingredients being absorbed in to the body the Ogee brand is laser focused on using safe and all natural ingredients. While not compromising on the efficacy and ingredient integrity. I’m not sure if this is actually possible so I will have to try it out for myself and report back on that. Normally the organic products just don’t deliver great results.

But if you have been waiting to try organic skin care products and have no where to start you can try Ogee. The company offers cleansing cloths, a lip oil, a face oil and a youth serum. All of these products are made with a base of Jojoba oil and all are available right now. Give it a try and let us know how the results turn out.

Ogee Organic Skin Care Products Feature Jojoba Oil
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