In the event that you listen to anything that I’ve written time and time again, then you know how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. The best way to do that is to well, stay out of the sun. However, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, I hope you protect your skin by wearing sunscreen. Which brings me to the main topic, octocrylene. If you’ve ever read any sunscreen labels, you’ve probably seen this and wondered what on earth it was. You’re about to find out.

octocryleneWhat Is Octocrylene?

For those of you interested in learning about octocrylene, it’s a popular additive that’s often used in the production of sunscreen. This chemical compound is used in sunscreens because it has great emollient properties, which means, it’s great for retaining moisture and keeping your skin smooth. It also makes your skin less itchy which can happen when applying too much product.

Another reason this chemical compound is frequently found in sunscreen is due to its ability to neutralize any UV radiation that a person many have overexposed themselves to, thus minimizing the damage that can be caused due to too much sun exposure.

Octocrylene has been known to be combined with another ingredient known as avobenzone which is often found in sunscreens as well. This chemical has been approved for use in both beauty and cosmetics as well as a number of skin care products. The concentration is typically limited to about 10 percent. The chemical compound can be found in specific types of products ranging from BB cream, sunscreen, conditioner, CC cream, hairspray, tanning accelerators and many more.

Octocrylene And Why It’s Used In Sunscreen

As previously mentioned, octocrylene is a great chemical compound that has powerful emollient properties. The chemical is primarily used in products that are meant for external use only. It’s used in products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, and other cosmetics. It’s also used in many products that play dual roles, one of which is to protect you from the sun. It has the ability to create a coating on the skin to protects it from UV damage. This is one of the main reasons it’s used in sunscreens.

The chemical is organic and is virtually colorless. It does have a thick oil-based texture to it. The chemical is very stable. It is often combined with other chemicals to create products. It reduces degradation that can often occur when products are exposed to a lot of sunlight for long period of time. It also helps retain moisture which helps your body better absorb the product.

The main purpose of this chemical compound is the neutralize UV radiation. Although the emollient properties are very attractive, it’s not the what’s most attractive about incorporating this ingredient into a product.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

This magical, colorless, clear organic compound what learned to be powerful when scientists and researchers learned how well it combined with avobenzone. It then became one of the most popular compounds to be used in the manufacturing of sunscreen products within the United States of America. It’s not powerful by itself, though. It’s the combination of the many synthetic ingredients and the octocrylene that make it such a powerhouse for protecting oneself from the sun.

This chemical is also known to be a great emulsifier, as it easily combines with other oily substances. This helps keep ingredients properly mixed and makes them more effective. There have been studies showing that SPF can actually increase when using a product that contains this chemical compound and we all know how important sun protection factor is today.

Side Effects

The main side effect of using products which contain this chemical is that free radicals can form more easily when consumed excessively. Reason being, it increases your skin’s ability to absorb products in larger quantities. This is one of the main reasons that the concentration  levels are regulated and kept to a minimum. Large doses may be toxic and too much of anything is not good as we know.

If you decide to purchase sunscreen, you must do one thing. I highly recommend that you read the ingredients label. Determine if the product that you’re purchasing or the one your currently using contains this chemical compound. If you’re that worried, I’d suggest you show the sunscreen to your dermatologist so he can take a closer look at the ingredients. Lastly, remember to always protect yourself from getting too much sun. It can be quite harmful and can really damage your skin or even worse your overall health. That said, wear sunscreen daily. It may save your life. Sun damage is more dangerous than most people think. Not taking precautions is foolish. However, not knowing what you’re ingesting is just as bad.

If you’re looking for a personal recommendation of which sunscreen to purchase, I personally suggest you look for something that has SPF 30, contains a small amount of octocrylene and is made in the United States.


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