Obagi Vitamin C Serum

If you’ve never heard of the skin care brand, Obagi, then you’re one of the very few out there that don’t know about it. This brand has been around for quite some time now and they’ve got a product which they are very well known for. The type of product will now shock you, it’s one of the most highly sought after product types in the skin care industry. Yep, I’m talking about vitamin C serum. Not sure what that is, read this.

Now before you go rolling your eyes or shaking your head, hear what I’ve got to say about this product and what it brings to the table.

Who knows, it may prove to be everything you’ve been missing!

I’ll keep things simple here and fill you in on nothing but the facts about Obagi Vitamin C Serum. Remember, this is all based on my personal adventure of exploring skin products available in the marketplace.

Obagi Vitamin C Serum

More About Obagi Vitamin C Serum

The first thing that I can tell you about this product is that it’s considered to be one of if not the most potent vitamin C serum on the market. Well those claims sound great, my guess is that it’s likely not the case. The Vitamin C aka L-Ascorbic acid is super effective at very high doses, especially when it comes to clearing up your skin.

The Obagi Vitamin C Serum contains 10% ascorbic acid as well as 15% and a 20% product version. They make various levels of potency for a reason. If you’ve got sensitive skin, then you’ll want to opt for the lower vitamin C level as 10% will do the trick. No one wants to deal with skin that’s irritated easily only to apply product and have it be more irritated!

If your skin is normal or even oily, then you’ll want to try the 20% potency version of this product.

There’s one thing that I desperately need to point out about the Obagi serum. If you pick it up and expect no fragrances, then think again. Unlike the traditional fragrance-free vitamin C serums, the Obagi product does contain fragrance. Most people love the smell.


The Ingredients Unraveled

It wouldn’t be a proper product review if I didn’t cover the ingredients involved in this product. Don’t worry, there are only a few that you need to know about here. The most important ingredients are ascorbic acid, propylene carbonate, propylene glycol, fragrance, and water.

My guess is that you know what all of those ingredients do for your skin. In the event that you don’t, I’ll try and cover the basics here. The ingredients work to calm the skin, brighten it, help retain moisture, minimize any aging signs, and most importantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

That about covers the main product features. The Obagi vitamin C serum contains potent levels of vitamin C. It’ll reduce those lines and wrinkles, keep your skin well moisturized and more.

Third Party Reviews

Many people have written reviews of the Obagi products. They’ve gone out of their way to share their experiences using them and for that others should be grateful.

The things that people have said are mixed. Some claim the product is too costly, others claim it’s the best product they’ve ever used. Some call it ineffective or just as effective as cheaper complimentary products on the market. There are many versions of this type of product on the market so those results are to be expected.

While it’s very important to take reviews into consideration, they aren’t the end all be all.

However, I’ll try to share the specifics of what some consumers shared about the product (based on my research). Most of them covered the benefits of this vitamin C serum more than anything.

Many users mentioned the products ability to improve their complexion and make their skin glow better. This is due to the fact that it helps remove dead skin cells which in helps clear up your skin. Some users feel this does a great job here.

Users have also claimed that the product helps reduce the visibility of fine lines that pop up in the forehead region.

Some claim that the main reason they use this product is to reduce the number of brown spots that they have on their skin. Trust me when I say this, they’re not alone! Lots of people in the world are battling sun spots and aging spots today. Perhaps the Obagi Vitamin C serum is the answer.

Some of the other things that consumers had mentioned were that this helps really lead to more even skin tones and repaired skin. It’s tough to successfully repair skin, so when they find one that works they stick with it.

One thing almost all consumers mentioned about the product was that it makes your skin tingle upon applying it. That tingling feels does subside eventually.

Buying The Serum

If you’re interested in buying Obagi Vitamin C Serum, then I suggest you simply head on over to Amazon and buy it right there. It’s either going to cost you $77, $93, or $107 depending on the potency that you choose.

But is it worth the money? 

That’s the question that we always get here! Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you. What might be worth purchasing for one person simply doesn’t make sense for another. Have spent so much time speaking with skin care consumers, dermatologists, and spending lots of money to investigate products I can tell you that you simply need to make the decision that’s best for you. Forget what other people suggest for your skin. Unless that person is a licensed professional, then you need not ask.

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My honest advice would be to contact the company behind the Obagi brand. Ask them for more details on the product. Find out whether or not the product is backed by science, studies, and extensive research. Once you feel comfortable enough that the Obagi Professional Vitamin C Serum is a winner, then buy it and try it for a month. You must remember that you need to give it time to work. Good luck!

Obagi Vitamin C Serum
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