NuSkin Ageloc Review

I came across NuSkin while recently researching on the Internet. I had never heard of the hair and skin care company. I saw that they were manufacturing anti aging products and I wanted to further investigate things.

NuSkin was formed in 1984. There is plenty information about the company on their official website. To my surprise, the company has literally tons of products available for purchase on their official site. However, it’s not super simple to find the online shop. You need to jump through hoops to find the specific shop page, product lines and categories.

nuskin ageloc products
NuSkin Ageloc Treatment Kit

NuSkin Ageloc Background Info

To give you some background information on this brand and the Ageloc product line, it was created with Purdue University and was officially released back in 2008. The Ageloc technology instantly became a huge hit. If you didn’t realize it already, the main objective of these products is to fight off any signs of aging. They have a number of products that fall under the Ageloc line. For example, the Nu Skin Ageloc Future Serum is one of those products. They also offer topical creams, personal care items, supplements, and even complete skin care kits. The NuSkin products are widely sold. I’m talking so wide that you can purchase them in more than 50 countries.

Buying NuSking Ageloc Products

As previously mentioned, the products that fall within the NuSkin Ageloc collection can be purchased via the official company website. They can also be purchased at other independent skin care online retail sites, auction sites, as well as aftermarket sales sites. If you’re looking to purchase NuSkin products at your local retailer, you are not going to have any luck because they are not sold in stores. From a consumer perspective, this is often seen as an issue because it makes it more difficult for them to sample the product.

That said, the only way for consumers to make the most educated decision on purchasing these products is to read the reviews that have been posted online. Familiarize yourself with what others are saying about the value, ingredients, effectiveness, and cost.

The Cost

The NuSkin Ageloc line of products typically cost between $50-$215. Of course, the price of each product certainly has to do with the size. Product sizes range from one to five fluid ounces. I know that you’re probably thinking that these products are completely out of your price range and your health & beauty budget just doesn’t have any room for them. However, what I want you to remember is that if you truly want nice looking skin you need to invest in it.

Sure, you are going to find other more economical anti aging products but the question is whether or not those products deliver the best results. If the price point is a problem with NuSkin products then my suggestion would be to try and purchase the products as a package deal. The company offers many types of deal and replenishment autofill options that cost significantly less than if you were to make a one-time purchase. The other option is to try and find them listed at cheaper prices on auction sites. However, I strongly advise against doing this because most of the products sold on these sites are not effective and may have even expired. If they are, you can count on the ingredients not working as they should.

Ageloc Ingredients

As previously stated, the NuSkin Ageloc product line was specifically designed to help consumers fight off the natural effects of aging. Each of the products contains different ingredients. For example, the NuSkin spa gel contains a great ingredient known as cocoa seed butter. This ingredient works well if you’re trying to protect damaged skin from becoming further irritated or damaged. It also contains an ingredient known as butylene glycol. This is ingredient helps you retain moisture from within your skin.

Another popular Nuskin Ageloc product is the serum. The skin serum contains ingredients such as hexapeptide-2 and polysorbate 80, which both respectively help lighten and balance your skin tone as well as condition it. There are other ingredients in this line that work to reduce lines, restore broken down collagen and wrinkles.

To get a better idea of all the ingredients that each of the products contains, I encourage you to read more reviews online.  You may soon find out that some of the products used may not be that great for your skin and that they may even cause irritation.

Side Effects

Based on the research that I’ve done on this company, the NuSkin Ageloc products do not pose a serious threat to any consumers. In fact, most users don’t seem to experience any crazy side effects. However, if you know that you are prone to skin irritation they I would proceed with caution when it comes to using any new product that gets applied or ingested. Some of the products do contain an ingredient known as retinyl palmitate which has been known to irritate individuals skin. It can cause stinging and can even increase the sensitivity to the sun.


The bottom line regarding the NuSkin Ageloc products is that you can’t make a decision based on this one review. You really need to consult with your dermatologist before using any new skin care products. There are very few that we can honestly recommend that you use without speaking to your dermatologist. He or she will know guide you in the best direction that makes sense for you and your condition. If you are given the green light to purchase these products, I suggest buying them through the official online store.

NuSkin Ageloc Review
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