13 Ways To Protect Your Skin During Healthy Skin Month


This is a great time to teach employees how to protect their skin. Did you know that your skin weighs about 6 to 9 pounds? It has a surface area of about 2 square yards. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is also the first defense against the environment.

Skin helps fight off infections and maintain the right human temperature. Skin produces Vitamin D. This vitamin is so crucial because of its ability to absorb calcium which drives strong bones.

healthy skin month
November is healthy skin month

Follow These Tips For Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin Month is now so help to remind your employees that keeping their skin healthy is an imperative step towards overall health. Use these tips on how to take care of your skin:

1) Drink lots of water to keep hydrated
2) Eat healthy and avoid fatty foods
3) Consume lots of vitamins like A, C and E
4) Consume zinc and selenium
5) Limit your sun exposure especially mid day. Skin needs sun for vitamin D but not so much. Try this sunscreen for vitamin D production.
6) Use a sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher.
7) Take shorter showers as hot water can strip the skin of moisture.
8) Use essential oils and bath oils
9) Pat dry after showering and apply moisturizer with oil
10) Use sunscreen even in the winter
11) Use lip balm
12) Don’t forget to wear gloves and a scarf on cold days
13) Use humidifiers in dry rooms.

13 Ways To Protect Your Skin During Healthy Skin Month
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