Nouveau Skin Care Serum

Today’s skin care product review showcases a brand known as Nouveau. This brand is one that prides itself on producing an anti aging serum. Their claim is quite simple, they claim to be “better than Botox.” While that’s a really bold claim to make, it is quite possible that the claim is true. But before I dive into the product specifics, you likely want to know some background information on the company behind this product.

Nouveau Skin Care Serum reviews

More Information On The Nouveau Skin Care Serum

As far as the company behind this serum, there’s not much that I know. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t able to find much information on the company behind the product. That always leaves me skeptical about a product, but I went ahead and continued to do the product research.

What Exactly Is It?

This is a serum that claims to have botox benefits without having to deal with the pain that comes along with injections. You’re supposed to apply this product to your skin on a daily basis and it’s said to be able to reduce the number of wrinkles and lines that you have on your face. The skin care serum is also said to help boost collagen levels, increase secretion, and help fade away the dark circles that exist in your under eye region. All those things are the claims that the manufacturer has made, at least based on the research that I’ve done.

The product is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is apply the cream to your skin, wait for the product to be absorbed and soon enough, you’ll be sporting skin that has fewer wrinkles and is clearer than prior to using it. Keep in mind that skin care serums like this take quite a long time to work. There are not many overnight success stories out there related to serums like this. I can honestly say that even the best product that recommends isn’t an overnight instant fix.

The bottom line is that the only instant fix that lasts is surgery, and that’s it. However, if you’re looking at taking a less invasive approach, then this might be the way to go.

In terms of how the product is sold, it’s typically bundled with other products in order to make it look more appealing to consumers. However, that’s typically just a sales tactic in place and that’s it.

How It Works

Here’s what you need to know about the Nouveau Serum and how it works. The company does make some serious claims about the products ability, ingredients and more. They claim that this product works better than most, including the traditional Botox approach. Some of the specific benefits that they claim are things like fewer wrinkles, fewer lines, boosted collagen levels, diminished dark circles, and better skin hydration levels.

Those are a lot of promises being made.

The problem that I have with these claims is that the manufacturer stops right there. They make zero effort to go into detail as to how these things are actually accomplished. That my friend is a huge red flag that you must take into consideration.

I’m not saying that this product doesn’t work but I’m saying that you need think before taking action and read between the lines here. If a brand is willing to use industry and professional jargon by including marketing terms such as “clinically proven,” “scientific studies” and all that jazz, then they should be able to back that language up accordingly.

The Ingredients

The Nouveau Serum does a good job of hiding their ingredients. Based on my research, they put forth zero effort in disclosing vital ingredient information that they use. Firing off a list of basic benefits isn’t the best approach. Sure, gullible consumers may buy into it but not many.

The Selling Point

Like I previously mentioned, it seems as though the Nouveau Serum attempts to sell you a bundled offer for both this and an eye cream. Both products are made by the same company and they look almost the same. The company claims that for best results, you should use both products.

It’s truly difficult to say whether or not this complimentary eye cream works. I’m personally not willing to try it out.

Purchasing The Nouveau Serum

For those that have held in there this long, you probably want to know how to purchase this product. What I can tell you from the very beginning is that it is not cheap. You best be prepared to spend close to $100 if you want to use this product.

Be ready to spend at least $94.95 for one single bottle of this product. Why? Well, that’s the price that they charge for it! The biggest problem I have with this is that they don’t actually tell you the price up front. Instead, you basically enroll into a free trial offer that’s out there. This type of offer only costs you the shipping costs, which is $4.95.

Assuming that you forget to unsubscribe from the offer, your card gets charged a whopping $94.95. Now as annoying and illegal as this sounds, it’s actually 100% legal for them to do. It’s all because of the fine print that’s posted on the page where you order the product.

Imagine paying $95 for a skin serum that doesn’t share any ingredient information, doesn’t back any claims and make it almost impossible to cancel your subscription without reaching out to the customer service department. That’s exactly what you might have to deal with here.

Dermatologist Opinion

I’m not a dermatologist, but if I had to take a stab at what I think they’d say about this, my guess is many would not be okay with it. Dermatologists want to know what their patients are putting on their skin. Not knowing is a huge problem and it can mean trouble.


In my personal opinion, I’m going to have to suggest that you avoid this product. There simply isn’t enough being disclosed here to make it worth the investment. To top things off, you’ll need to contact customer support and deal with all that nonsense as well. Don’t waste your time, I wouldn’t.

Nouveau Skin Care Serum
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