Nordstrom Skin Care Anniversary Sale Items You Must Check Out!


If you’re anything like myself, then chances are you like to shop until you drop. Assuming that’s the case, then you’ll want to head to the closest Nordstrom pronto! The Annual Anniversary Sale is set to kick off and the products that drop in price are insane.

Trust me, I’m a big shopper and when it comes to skin care products I know a deal when I see one. There are hundreds of department stores and online retailers that you can hit for skin care products, but most of them don’t deeply discount popular products like Nordstrom does during this sale.

I’ve done the research for you to help cut your time down, allowing you to have ample opportunity and time to hit the stores!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
La Mer product on sale at Nordstrom

Every Skin Care Item You Must Check Out This Weekend During The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

By the way, I thought I’d let you know right from the get go that this sale is kicking off today (June 21st) so your best bet is to read this on your mobile phone while en route to the store. I’m joking…but seriously, get in your car as soon as possible if you want to buy any of these products below. They will go fast, I promise you that!

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System

If you’ve been wanted to get your hands on one of the hottest facial cleansing devices of today, then you’ll be happy to find out it’s deeply discounted. The product typically retails for $129 but it’s since dropped to $86 for the sale. We’ve written a review on this product which can be read here. My suggestion is to pick it up if you want better skin. Plain and simple as that.

Glam Glow Youth, Contour & Glow Set

I really like how Nordstrom bundles this package up because it’s quite the deal. The Glamglow set typically retails for $95 but it has been reduced to $54 for the sale. That’s almost 50% in savings and if you’re a fan of the brand, then it only makes sense to pick it up.

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Estee Lauder Repair & Renew

The Estee Lauder brand is one of those high-end brands that most of us simply cannot afford to purchase regularly. I mean, $150 is a lot of money today Even if repairing and renewing your skin is uber important, it’s still a tough hit to the wallet. That’s why I suggest picking this up for the $98 deal that they’re having. Sure, it’s not as much of a discount as others but it’s enough for me to personally jump at.

Foreo Luna Cleansing Device

Now, this one is really cool and it’s something that I definitely recommend checking out during the sale. When products that can be used over and over go on sale, I almost always jump at the opportunity to use them. That said, the Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing device can help treat areas with blemishes and it assists with cell turnover and regeneration. It’s normally about $139 but only costs $93 during the sale.

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La Mer Mini Miracles Set

Another one that I really love is the La Mer Miracles Set. This brand is super expensive on most occasions and it’s not discounted all that frequently. That said, pushing one of these kits is a must considering so many famous people use it. Even folks like Dwayne The Rock Johnson use La Mer cream to keep their faces looking perfect. The kit typically retails for $140 but is on sale for $85.

If you get the urge to check out any local Nordstrom then be sure to have this article handy during that time.

Nordstrom Skin Care Anniversary Sale Items You Must Check Out!
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