No No Pro Review

Never heard of the No No Pro? It’s the so-called revolutionary hair removal device that incorporates a patented technology known as “Thermicon.” This technology is said to help consumers remove unwanted hair in a more feasible way aside from the typical waxing and shaving techniques.

I’m sure at one point or another, you’ve come to learn about this product. Whether it be via the company site or some third party review or even just a local Target or Walmart, chances are you’ve seen it before. Does it work? Well, hold your horses for now. Let me share some information on the product before diving right into its effectiveness. I’ll cover the basics to kick things off.

No No Pro Review

What You Must Know About No No Pro

The Nono Pro is exactly what you think it is. It’s a handheld device that’s meant to help consumers gently remove hair of all types from their skin. The product has been around for more than a decade. Back in 2004, when the product first launched it was considered to be evolutionary and something that was unfathomable to many.

Since then, the product has transformed and improved but the underlying technology and principles are almost exactly the same as they were in the beginning. The product continues to make claims that it can successfully help remove hair for long-term.

How Many People Have Purchased No No Pro?

Well, over the years, the company has sold more than six million devices to customers living in over 50 countries. That obviously proves just how many people are looking for hair removal alternative solutions. Many of them put cost aside and are willing to spend more up front today to save time, money, and pain in the long run.

Based on some of the research I’ve done, it seems like many of the people out there that have tried this product actually despise it. There are the occasional stellar, glowing reviews but they are far and few. Based on that alone, it seems like you’re taking a pretty big gamble if you decide to use the No No Pro hair removal device. Here’s everything that you need to know before using this device.

Using The No No Pro Device

There are a couple of crucial things that you must understand before using the NoNo Pro device. Before using the device, you need to ensure that your skin is completely dry and clean. You’ll then want to choose the proper tip that best suits the area in which you’re planning on treating.

Turn the No No Pro on and apply the tip of the device to your skin. You’ll notice that a blue light will appear if you’re using the device properly. If not, a red light will light up, indicating that your speed and pressure need adjusting.

When using the No No Pro, you’ll need to use it against the way in which the hair grows. That way the product gets as close as possible. Assuming that you’re sporting really long hair, it might be best to trim your hair to get the closest to the root as possible.

Once you’ve completed the process of using the Thermicon driven device, the area treated will have a slight burning smell. You’ll need to then apply the buffing pad to your treated areas to smooth things out.

Plan on using this hair removal device roughly three times a week for about six weeks. Eventually, the tips of the No No Pro device will burn out, for you’ll need to replace them as they do. As low cost as that might be, you’ll need to take that into consideration.

Does It Really Work?

The most important thing to recognize here is that that the hair follicle needs to be destroyed in order to prevent further growth. The manufacturer claims to be able to do this using heat. It’s the crystallization process that seems to make it happen. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, I cannot personally state whether it does or not. But you must always remember that it’s not what I think or my results but more importantly, it’s the results that you get from using the product.

Various Devices

The No No hair remover devices come in different models. Based on my research, they offer three models to consumers which I’ve tried to cover directly below:

Classic – This is the original model which is available in either a black or pink at a price of about $250.

Pro – This is a newer design which is slimmer and comes in more colors. The device costs about $300.

8800 – This version is the latest which has a status display screen and comes in pink, black, and white which can be purchased for $250.

Which device is the best really depends on your personal preferences. That said, if I were making a purchase, I would most likely purchase the latest version. That’s typically how I approach potential purchase, especially when it comes to personal care products.

Where To Buy It

If you’re looking to purchase the NoNo Pro hair removal device, regardless of the model type, you have a few options. I’d personally suggest that you head on over to the official website to make your purchase. Another place you might look is on, Ulta Beauty, Kohl’s, and even Bed Bath & Beyond. Based on my research all of those sites sell the NoNo Pro devices.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is simple here. If you want to successfully remove your hair, you’ll want to be sure you’re ready to commit to using. If you are not willing to dedicate 30 minutes a few times a week for months, even a year then I’d say it’s a waste of money. It is a very steep investment, but people that are looking to reduce the amount of hair on their body will do anything.

Whatever you do, I suggest you read some of these No No Pro reviews before jumping in and making a purchase.

No No Pro Review
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