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Today I’m going to introduce you to a skin care line based out of Miami Beach, FL. The company name is called Niveau Labs and it’s a relatively new brand. I was able to get my hands on one of their most popular products that they sell and I’ll be covering that product for the most part in this review. Before I get into the product itself, I’d like to share some information on the company.

niveau labs antarctic krill oil sealed boxWho Is Niveau Labs And What Do They Do?

Niveau Labs is a brand that’s owned by the company Niveau Labs, LLC which is based on South Beach in Miami. They are a supplement company that has taken a position within the market to create products which are meant to help consumers replace nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They do this through the use of supplementing with high-quality products that contain minimal fillers and additives.

They offer a number of different products with their Krill Oil 500mg product being the most popular of them all. Niveau Labs works directly with a fulfillment center that handles the shipping and delivery of goods from warehouse to your doorstep. The majority of orders placed for Niveau Labs are done so online through their company website.

Based on the research that I’ve done on their company website, the company claims to have the lowest pricing available online for the products that they sell. That being said, I didn’t take a look around to verify this but I’m sure if you contact them with a price match they may be willing to do so. Don’t quote me on that, just a suggestion should you find something at a lower cost with many similarities.

One great thing that I like about Niveau Labs is that they produce products in small batches. They do this to ensure that the products consumers are buying are fresh and not sitting on a shelf for long periods of time. Too often, supplement companies will put an expiration date on their products that borderline makes them ineffective as they reach the sell-by date. Mass produced product lines often take that approach and the fact that Niveau Labs avoids that is great.

According to the company website, all the ingredients come from a US-based lab that has been approved by the FDA. They take pride in keep the supplements lean and clean in terms of ingredients. You’re likely going to have a hard time finding fillers in these products given that they omit all the extras that many skin care supplement companies incorporate into their products.

Let’s move on to the products. While the company currently produces CLA 1200 for weight loss, flaxseed oil, and CoQ10, the most popular product that they sell is the Antarctic Krill Oil. I’ll be covering that product in as much depth as possible today.

Niveau Antarctic Krill Oil

As you know, krill oil supplements are very popular today and it’s vastly due to the powerful positive impact that the supplement can have on your body. Specifically, the Antarctic Krill Oil made by Niveau claims to help improve a number of conditions or ailments that people suffer from daily. Some of the said benefits of incorporating this product into your skin care supplementation routine may be improved heart function, brain function, clearer skin, stronger nails, and hair as well as feeling healthier in general. This brand aside, krill oil in general, is great for you and can certainly have a positive impact on your health.

The product comes nicely packaged and sealed for quality assurance and control. This specific product came from Batch Number 01e-126. It has a tamper resistant seal which helps further verify the authenticity of the product.

niveau labs krill oil sealed box

The lettering on the box is very nice with silver raised lettering showcasing the product name and brand, as well as the number of soft gels that come in each box.

antarctic krill oil nutritional facts

On the back of the box, you will find the nutritional facts as well as the ingredients list. Suggested use and storage instructions are provided on the box as well. Last but not least, there’s a standard statement letting you know that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Pretty standard for skin and dietary supplements on the market today.

niveau labs antarctic krill oil softgels

Let me dive into some of the specific ingredients that this product contains.

According to the product label ingredients list, the product contains, Antarctic krill also known as euphausia superba, gelatin, water, and glycerol.

The product does not contain and gluten and it’s a non-GMO product. Of course, the product contains shellfish. So, if you are allergic to shellfish I would advise on not consuming this supplement until you speak with your doctor.

As for the nutritional facts, each soft gel is 5 calories with a total fat content of 0.5g. From a nutritional perspective, each serving of the product contains 1667 UI of beta carotene aka vitamin A, 73mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 30mg of eicosapentaenoic acid aka EPA, 20mg of docosahexaenoic acid aka DHA, 320mcg of Astaxanthin, and 95mg of Phospholipids.

Most of these ingredients are good for your skin, especially the omega-3 fatty acids and Astaxanthin. The reason many people turn to Astaxanthin and prefer to consume it is to help fight off the free radicals that destroy your skin and overall health.

All of the ingredients mentioned could possibly have a positive impact on your life. Specifically, if you’re looking to fight aging signs, brighten your skin, better hydrate your hair, improve brain health, reverse or repair any damage caused by the environment, reduce any pain in your joints or inflammation, and much more.

While krill oil, in general, is a more expensive supplement to take versus fish oil, it’s only due to the increased costs in processing and manufacturing the krill oil. Before purchasing this product, I strongly suggest that you browse around and read some of the recent articles written on Astaxanthin and krill oil in general.

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