Nighttime Skin Care Routine (That Takes Less Than Four Minutes)


2017 has come and gone! It’s a new year and my time has gotten even more limited than it was before. Since that’s happened, I’ve decided to not make excuses as to why I can’t get things accomplished. Instead, I’ve spent my time more wisely and I’m doing it all without having my skin take a back seat. During the evening, I tend to get a little sluggish and lazy. Hey, it happens and at least I’m admitting it. That said, I wanted to switch up my nighttime skin care routine to save time and I wanted to do so without potentially falling short in terms of a routine that works.

The good news is that I’ve got a skin care routine that I do now which takes less than five minutes worth of effort. To be exact, it takes four minutes, I’m timing myself daily.

Although your morning skin routine is super important, so is your nighttime routine as well. Most people slack off and aren’t willing to put the effort in at night. To those that think it takes a ridiculous amount of time and energy, I say shame on you! It definitely does not and with the routine, I’ve laid out below, you’ll be on your way to having better-looking skin in no time.

four minute nighttime routine

Simple 4-Minute Nighttime Skin Routine

The first thing I want to say to you is that committing is not that difficult. All you need to commit to is ten to fifteen minutes a day for better-looking skin and more youthful look in general. Here’s what you need to do each night in order to keep that skin looking young and feeling great.

Remove Makeup – There’s no excuse for not doing so. I don’t care how long of a day you had. It feels good to peel off that face after a long day of work. Be sure to use a cotton pad to remove the makeup and be gentle in the delicate areas around your eyes. You can pick up some Micellar cleansing water which works well or you can go for the waterproof eye makeup remover by Sephora. Both are good. Whatever you do just remove that makeup.

Cleanse – Now it’s time to cleanse. All you need is a basic water-based cleanser in order to remove the free radicals that have built up all day. If you’ve got the patience and the wallet for it, shoot for an oil-based cleanser. You can find an affordable cleanser by Benton Honest for $11 online. It’s the Honest Cleansing Foam that most people use nowadays.

Toner Time – In order to keep the pH levels of your skin properly balanced, you’ll want to use a toner. Once you’ve cleansed your skin, grab the toner of your choice and apply a small amount to your face with a cotton pad. Do not wipe hard as it’s not meant to be applied that way. Algenist has a toner that you can consider for $25. It’s called the Hydrating Essence Toner.

Serum Up – You’ve still got plenty of time on the clock and at this point, only a few minutes have likely passed. Now it’s time to apply a serum to your skin. My advice would be to find something that’s specifically formulated for nighttime use. It really depends on your skin issues too, the type you choose. Find something packed it Vitamin C such as Elite Serum.

Oil – The last step is to simply apply an overnight oil to your skin. This will help if you’re dealing with sebum production issues and clogging of pores. Whether you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, this is a great thing to use and one that you’ll be glad you did it just a few short months. Find an economical oil with squalane to kick things off and you’ll be fine.

Night Cream – The last step is to apply a night cream to your skin. This step will help retain all the moisture and make your skin feel like a million bucks in the AM. Skipping this step is like watching a movie at the theater and leaving 15 minutes before it ends. Not a great move if you ask me.

That whole nighttime routine will take you just four minutes or less if you’re focused when doing it. Give it a shot and kick things into high gear for the new year!

Nighttime Skin Care Routine (That Takes Less Than Four Minutes)
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